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Results Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships

Livestock Update, September 2002

Mark McCann, Dept. Head & Ext. Project Leader, Animal & Poultry Sciences, VA Tech

July 31 - August 4, 2002
Memphis, Tennessee

Horse Bowl - Teams
Team Placing
Virginia A 5th
Virginia B 8th

Hippology - Individual Written Exam
Megan Flathers 2ndVirginia Team B

Hippology - Team Written Exam
Virginia Team B 3rd
Virginia Team A 4th

Hippology - Individual Stations
NamePlacing Team
Meghan Flathers 3rdVirginia Team B
Will Flathers 9thVirginia Team B

Hippology - Team Stations
Team Placing
Virginia B 3rd
Virginia A 5th

Hippology - Individual Judging
Name Placing Team
Jessy Campbell 4th Virginia Team A
Will Flathers, 7th Virginia Team B

Hippology - Team Judging
Team Placing
Virginia A 2nd
Virginia B 4th

Top Ten Class Winners
Name Placing Class
Sarah Ryalls 10th Quarter Horse Geldings
Lauren Ryalls 3rd Hunter Type Mares
Bethany Wood 6th Hunter Type Mares
Parker Mary York 1stHunter Type Geldings
Jessy Campbell 6thHunter Type Geldings
Jacqui Brown7thHunter Type Geldings
Kathryn Chase 2ndSaddle Type Geldings (trotting)
Kathy Billings 3rdSaddle Type Geldings (trotting)
Sky Hopkinds6thSaddle Type Geldings (trotting)
Kathryn Chase3rdSaddleseat Showmanship (trotting)
Sky Hopkins8thSaddleseat Showmanship (trotting)
Bethany Wood 9thHunt Seat Showmanship
Kathryn Chase5thSaddleseat English Pleasure (trotting)
Kathy Billings7thSaddleseat English Pleasure (trotting)
Sky Hopkins8thSaddlesat English Pleasure (trotting)
Sky Hopkins8thSaddleseat Equitation (trotting)
Kathy Billings9thSaddleseat Equitation (trotting)
Bethany Wood 9th Hunter Under Saddle
Lauren Ryalls10thHunter Under Saddle
Bethany Wood 4thHunt Seat Equitation
Parker Mary York 5thPony Working Hunter
Sabrina Hoskins 10thPony Working Hunter
Kristin Miller 3rdWorking Hunter, Over 14.2
Lauren Ryalls9thWorking Hunter, Over 14.2
Bethany Wood 1stDressage
Jessy Campbell 7thDressage

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