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Virginia 4-H Livestock Judging Team Completes Successful Season

Livestock Update, January 2003

Mark L. Wahlberg, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

The 2002 4-H Livestock Judging Team from Virginia concluded their competitive season at the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest in Louisville, Kentucky. The 2002 event was the 79th held, the first one being in 1919 and none held during the years of World War II. Teams from 34 different states participated, with a total of 128 contestants.

The team from Illinois finished out in front with 2197 points, but second through fifth had scores of 2167, 2163, 2161, and 2161. The 2163 total for Virginia brought them 3rd place recognition, behind Kansas, and ahead of Colorado and Maryland. Virginia was one of only 3 teams in the entire contest to place in the top ten in each of the 3 species divisions. Virginia placed 6th in sheep, 10th in swine, and 7th in beef cattle. This is the second consecutive year that Virginia completed a top 10 finish in every species at the national contest.

Team members representing Virginia were Rebecca Funkhouser of Edinburg, Jared Burner of Luray, and Dixie and Stewart Boyd of Winchester. Jared Burner received individual recognition for 5th place in judging of Performance beef cattle. In addition, Jared placed 14th overall, and Rebecca finished 11th overall, thus receiving belt buckles recognizing them as Livestock Judging All-Americans.

Earlier in the year Virginia participated in the Eastern National Livestock Show judging contest at Timonium, Maryland. Members representing Virginia in this contest were Rebecca Funkhouser, Jared Burner, and Josh Joseph and Katelyn Koontz, both from Rockingham County. Virginia finished in 1st place overall, with a 3-point margin over Maryland. Virginia finished 4th in sheep, 3rd in oral reasons, 2nd in swine, and first in cattle. Jared Burner took first place in cattle judging, with Rebecca Funkhouser in 3rd and Katelyn Koontz in 6th. These same 3 individuals finished 2nd, 4th, and 7th in total score.

Many individuals and organizations support the Virginia 4-H Livestock Judging Team. Foremost is the Virginia Pork Industry Board, which has been a long-standing primary financial sponsor of the 4-H Livestock Judging program. Many farms and fairs throughout Virginia willingly hosted the judging team to enable them to develop their skills more fully. The generosity of current and past individuals and organizations has enabled Virginia to sustain a strong record in regional and national competitions. We look forward to their continued success.

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