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2003 Virginia State Fair Youth Sheep Show

Livestock Update, April 2003

Scott Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Sheep, VA Tech

Important Policy & Rule Changes
Several important policy changes have been made that will be in effect for the 2003 Virginia State Fair Youth Sheep Show. These changes have been made enhance the learning experience, as well as create more educational opportunities for exhibitors of youth sheep at the Virginia State Fair. Input from exhibitors, leaders, and industry personnel was solicited for the formation of these enhancements. The major changes adopted for 2003 include:

  1. Market lambs will be shown by breed type. Breed type will be determined at the time of official weighing by a classification committee. The decisions of the classification committee will be final. Market lambs will be divided into four breed-type divisions as follows:
    1. Black-Face: Generally includes lambs of primarily Suffolk and Hampshire breeding and their crosses along with other black-faced breeds. Also includes all lambs that do not fit classification requirements for Speckle-Face, White-Face, and Southdown classes.
    2. Speckle-Face: Must be a cross with evidence of a percentage white-face and percentage black-face breeding. Mottling and/or some spotting on face and ears, as well as mottling and/or some spotting below knees and stifle joint necessary.
    3. White-Face: Generally includes lambs of white-face breeds and crosses of those breeds (Dorset, Cheviot, Columbia, etc.).
    4. Southdown: Lambs must exhibit characteristics of Southdown breed.
    5. Within breed-types, lambs will show by weight. A minimum of 15 lambs must be shown to have a breed division. Determination of scholarship awards will be based on total number of lambs exhibited, and allocated across classes and divisions as numbers warrant (equitable to policy that has been used in the past).

  2. There will not be market lamb pair classes at the 2003 fair. Exhibitors may show a maximum of four market lambs. Premium monies from pairs classes will be re-allocated within the youth sheep show.
  3. ge categories for showmanship competition will be modified to include an intermediate age division. There will also be senior, junior, and novice divisions as in the past.
  4. County groups of five will be added as a division. County groups will consist of 5 sheep (any sheep exhibited in the show- market lambs, commercial ewes, or registered breeding sheep) from the same county. The five sheep must be owned by a minimum of three different exhibitors within the county.

    The junior livestock competitions at the 2003 State Fair of Virginia will be held October 3-5. Exhibitors, parents, and leaders are encouraged to read the 2003 State Fair Youth Competition Guide for detailed rules and regulations (available at Questions may be directed to Scott Greiner, phone 540-231-9159 or email

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