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Virginia Poultry Federation Scholarships, '03 -'04 School Year

Livestock Update, August 2003

Curtis Novak, Poultry Extension Specialist, Animal & Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Poultry Federation Youth Committee awarded $8,250 to the following Scholarships for the up coming school year.

Jennifer Showalter, Lexington, VA $1,800 Tyson Foods
  $250 VT Poultry Science General
Chad May, Harrisonburg, VA $1200 Poster Memorial
  $800 Charles W. Wampler, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Jennifer Sheets, Culpeper, VA $1,750 Rocco Poultry
Autumn Fuller, Stephens City, VA $ 875 Rocco Poultry
Paul Eberly, Dayton, VA $ 875 Rocco Poultry
Ashley Hendricks $500 Virginia Poultry Federation Scholarship

Congratulations to this year's scholarship winners.

Also, this year's recipient of the Eddie Mason Award is Bobbie Wilfong. Bobbie Wilfong has unselfishly devoted his time and energy to help youth succeed in poultry judging. He exemplifies the values and commitment that the Eddie Mason Award seeks to recognize, and we appreciate his many years of service. Congratulations Bobbie.

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