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Virginia Avian Bowl

Livestock Update, August 2003

Curtis Novak, Poultry Extension Specialist, Animal & Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

Poultry events during 4-H Congress were conducted on June 18, 2003 with only one Avian Bowl team (Fauquier County) competing. The event consisted of Fauquier Co competing against an elite group of poultry under graduates and graduate students attending Virginia Tech. The Fauquier County did prevail. There was no Egg cookery or BBQ competitors this year.

Team consisted of:
Brenna Jewel, Ashley Jewel, and Mike Oliver

The team will be traveling to Louisville, KY to compete in the National Poultry and Egg Conference in November.

Stephen Sides (Madison Co) competed in the presentation portion of 4-H congress and was also a winner. He presented an outstanding presentation entitled "The Incredible Edible Egg".

Congratulations to all.

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