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Virginia Premium Assured HeiferTM Program Changes and Fall Sales

Livestock Update, November 2003

John B. Hall and Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientists, VA Tech

In September, the Virginia Premium Assured HeiferTM program committee met to consider some changes to the Virginia Premium Assured Heifer (VAPAH) program. The committee decided to suspend the requirement for Anaplasmosis testing. No heifers tested in the VAPAH program have been positive for Anaplsmosis since the program began in 1999. In addition, the VAPAH program will sell only bred heifers starting in Spring 2005.

Updated EPD requirements for VAPAH bred and Premium Assured Plus heifers are now available. The birth weight EPD requirements for service sires for commercial bred heifers are indicated in the table below.

Breed Angus Charolais Gelbvieh Hereford Red Angus Simmental
BW EPD +2.2 -8.3 -3.1 -1.1 -1.4 -4.2

Service sire EPD¹s for purebred heifers bred to bulls of the same breed are:

Breed Angus Charolais Gelbvieh Hereford Red Angus Simmental
BW EPD +2.2 +1.0 +1.4
(104 CE)
(+0.5 CE)
(+4 CE)
(+7.3 CE)

For heifers to qualify for the Premium Assured Plus level, their sire must meet VQA yearling weight (YW) EPD's requirements and VAPAH milk requirements. The updated sire EPD requirements for VAPAH Plus heifers can be found on the VAPAH website at or obtained from your local Agricultural Extension Agent.

Fall Sales
Two major VAPAH sales will be held this fall. The replacement female sale at Blackstone will offer 50 spring calving bred VAPAH on November 8, 2003 (for more information contact Bill McKinnon 540-992-1009). Front Royal will sell 150 VAPAH open and bred heifers in their Elite Sale on November 15 (Contact Jacob Stegner at 540-955-5164).

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