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Virginia BCIA Update

Livestock Update, November 2003

Scott Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

BCIA Culpeper Senior Bulls Sell December 13th
The 46th annual sale of the Virginia BCIA Culpeper Senior bulls will be held Saturday, December 13, 2003 at 12:00 noon at the Culpeper Agriculture Enterprises located on Route 29 just south of Culpeper.

The sale will include 75 fall-born yearling bulls representing the top cut of the 130 Angus, Gelbvieh, and Simmental bulls on test. Complete performance information will be available on all bulls. The majority of the bulls selling are sired by the top AI bulls available within each breed. All bulls selling meet minimum genetic requirements (EPDs) to sire calves for the VQA Purple Tag Feeder Calf Program.

Beef producers and others who are interested are invited to visit Glenmary Farm to view the bulls at any time. Glenmary Farm is located at Rapidan, VA and operated by Tom and Kim Nixon.

For catalogs and detailed information on the bulls visit the website or phone VA BCIA at 540/231-9163 or Glenmary Farm at 540/672-7396.

Wytheville Senior and Junior Bull Tests & Sale
The Virginia BCIA Southwest Bull Test Station recently started its 25th season. Eighty two fall-born Senior bulls (54 Angus, 13 Charolais, 2 Limousin, 13 Simmental) and 108 spring-born Junior bulls (87 Angus, 9 Charolais, 7 Gelbvieh, 5 Simmental) were delivered to the station on September 30. The bulls were weighed and vaccinated for IBR, BVD, BRSV, PI3, and pasteurella haemolytica (Pyramid 4 + Presponse SQ, and TSV-2), along with 7-way clostridial and haemophilus somnus (Vision 7 Somnus), and were dewormed (Cydectin). Bulls were allocated to six pens based on age and weight. After a two-week adjustment period, bulls will be weighed on test. They will be weighed and measured for frame size according to the following schedule:

  Senior (112-day test) Junior (133-day test)
On Test Oct. 13 & 14 Oct. 13 & 14
56-day Weight Dec. 9 Dec. 9
84-day Weight Jan. 6 Jan. 6
112-day Weight --- Feb. 3
Off Test Feb. 2 & 3 Feb. 23 & 24

At the completion of each test, bulls will be evaluated for reproductive and structural soundness. Ultrasonic evaluation of carcass traits will be conducted during the test. Eligible bulls will be sold on March 20, 2004.

For information on the bulls visit the website or phone VA BCIA at 540/231-9163.

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