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Virginia BQA Chuteside Record Available

Livestock Update, January 2004

John B. Hall, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

The Virginia BQA Chuteside Record was developed by Virginia Tech and the BQA Advisory Board to assist BQA certified producers in maintaining the required BQA records. This record book contains 35 pages of record sheets including the Veterinary-Client Form, Individual Treatment Record and Group Processing Record. In addition, there are reminders and diagrams of proper BQA procedures as well as instructions on how to use the record book. Completed example forms are also included.

A grant from the National Cattlemen's Beef Board paid for the development on the Virginia BQA Chuteside Record. Through this grant, Beef Checkoff dollars are again directly benefiting Virginia producers.

Any producer that is BQA certified in Virginia may request a free copy of the Virginia BQA Chuteside Record. In return for the record book, producers are asked to complete a survey about the record book including suggestions for improvement.

To request a copy, contact the Animal & Poultry Sciences Department at 540-231-5253 or email: and give your name and Virginia BQA Producer Certification number.

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