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Summary of Livestock Show and Sale Events for 2003

Livestock Update, January 2004

Noelle Knight, Virginia Tech Animal Science Student & Mark L Wahlberg, Extension Animal Scientist

A total of 37 4-H and FFA Livestock Shows were held in 2003. Of these 37 shows, 28 also had sales. These shows were held all across Virginia, ranging from Fredericksburg down to Abingdon and Danville to the Maryland border. Reports received from the sales have been compiled and the results are recounted below. A total of 1,940 exhibitors competed in these livestock show and sales. Beef cattle, swine, and market lambs were shown and sold at these events. There were a total of 3,179 market animals sold, which brought in gross receipts totaling $1,939,137.89. The gross receipts earned by exhibitors are not premiums but actually real income for raising and selling their project market animals. An average of 1.6 project animals were shown and sold per youth exhibitor. While participating in this project, members learn not only to select animals and how to properly feed and care for them, but they also gain valuable knowledge about the livestock marketing business. They learn to keep accurate and complete records, how to appropriately market their animals, and gain an overall knowledge of the aspects required to have a successful business. No other project available to 4-H members offers this broad range of education important to youth development.

The two largest shows were Augusta County and Rockingham County. Augusta County had 443 animals sold by 257 members at their show for over $260,000. At the Rockingham County Fair 181 members sold 412 animals with total receipts of $198,000.

Summary of 2003 4H and FFA Show and Sale events in Virginia
  Pig Beef Lamb
Number of Exhibitors 512 542 886
Number of Market Animals 925 681 1573
Animal Sales Proceeds 330,653 932,157 408,328
Total of Members Exhibiting and Selling Project Animals: 1940
Total Market Animals Sold: 3179
Total Income from sale of Project Animals: $1,939,138.00

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