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2004 Wytheville BCIA Bull Sale Report

Livestock Update, April 2004

Scott Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

The 25th Annual Southwest Virginia Performance Tested Bull Sale sponsored by Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association was held Saturday, March 20 at Wytheville. A large crowd and strong interest in the bulls resulted in a record-setting day, with 116 bulls representing the top two-thirds of the bulls tested selling for an average price of $2403. Breed averages were as follows: 86 Angus averaged $2522, 13 Simmental averaged $2431, 14 Charolais at $1750, 2 Gelbvieh at $1650, and 1 Limousin sold for $2500.

The sale was paced by Angus Lot 86, consigned by Golden Meadow Farm of Pipestem, WV. This March, 2003 son of KCF Bennett Kincaid H315 sold to Maple Springs L&L of Christiansburg, VA for $4100. He was the high adjusted yearling weight bull of the test at 1425 pounds, ratio 121. His expected progeny difference for birth weight was +2.0, weaning weight +48, milk +22, and yearling weight +66. A strong and deep set of Simmental bulls was led by Lot 406, consigned by Hounshell Farms of Wytheville, VA which commanded $4000 and sold to Jim Gregory of Java, VA. This half-blood, homozygous black son of GAR Predestined had a test ADG ratio of 116 along with EPDs of +2.7 CE, +40 WW, +9 Milk, +77 YW and +0.28 for marbling.

Lot 46, consigned by Green Acres Angus Farm of Rocky Mount, VA was the high selling Senior Angus bull going to Frank Coleman of Woodlawn, VA for $3800. This son of Sitz Alliance 6595 was the high yearling weight Senior Angus at 1274 pounds, ratio 113 and had a test ADG ratio of 109. His EPDs were +1.9 BW, +46 WW, +30 Milk, and +86 YW. Other popular Senior Angus bulls were Lots 6 and 19, each selling for $3700. Lot 6, consigned by Fred and Linda Nester of Austinville, VA sold to Billy Frost of Galax, VA. This November, 2002 son of Bon View New Design 878 had the largest REA of the senior Angus group at 14.4 sq. in., ratio 123 along with a REA EPD of +0.44 and YW EPD of +85. Lot 19, from Cassell Angus Farm in Independence, VA sold to Donnie Baker of Galax, VA. This Bon View New Design 1407 x N Bar Emulation EXT son had a test ADG of 4.46, ratio 129, and EPDs of +1.2 BW, +38 WW, +24 Milk, +80 YW, +0.31 IMF and +0.27 REA. The high indexing Senior Angus, Lot 2, from Justafew Angus of Max Meadows, VA went to Don Richardson of Sparta, NC for $3600. This high gaining son of Bon View New Design 1407 posted a test ADG of 4.51, ratio 130 along with BW EPD of +1.5 and YW EPD +85. In the Junior Angus test group, another son of Bon View New Design 1407, Lot 88, owned by Mountain View Farm of Independence sold to Tim Sutphin of Dublin, VA for $3300. This bull had an IMF EPD of +0.55, ultrasound marbling ratio of 176, REA EPD +0.40, along with test ADG ratio of 128 and EPDs of -0.2 for BW and +75 YW. A low birth weight EPD son of Rito 0014 of 4B24 2000 Plus, Lot 75 Junior Angus consigned by Echo Ridge Farm of Atkins, VA sold to Bobby and Martha Jackson of Draper, VA for $3200.

The high indexing Senior Simmental, Lot 405 consigned by Reasor Simmentals of Rural Retreat, VA sold to Pride Arrington of Glade Spring, VA for $3300. This homozygous black son of GW Lucky Dice 187H had a test ADG ratio of 115, test yearling weight ratio of 110, ultrasound REA ratio of 122, and EPDs of +41 WW and +80 YW. Lot 407, another homozygous black, polled bull consigned by Hounshell Farms sold to Alan Graybeal of Blacksburg, VA for $3000. This 1/2 Angus x 1/2 Simmental bull was a son of GAR Pinnacle that had a test gain ratio 123, and EPDs of +0.1 BW and + 80 YW.

The top selling Charolais bull, Lot 308, was consigned by FBG II Farms of Abingdon, VA and sold to Kevin Slemp of Dryden, VA for $2600. The November, 2002 polled son of JWK Activate G201 had EPDs of -1.4 BW, +25 WW, +17 Milk, and +40 YW. The high selling Junior Charolais bull, Lot 327, was consigned by Virginia Tech and sold to T.J. Harmon of Galax, VA for $2350. This son of VPI Wide Load 907J had a test ADG ratio of 108, and EPDs of +0.4 BW and +40 YW.

Pride Arrington of Glade Spring, VA also purchased the Limousin bull which was consigned by Muscle Limousin of Mt. Crawford, VA for $2500. Stuart Land and Cattle Co. of Rosedale, VA consigned the high selling Gelbvieh bull which went to Kegley Farms of Pulaski, VA for $1900.

All bulls in the test and sale were consigned by members of the Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association. Bulls were tested at the Wytheville bull test station owned by Eric D. Umberger. The sale was managed by Virginia BCIA and the Virginia Cattlemen's Association, and the auctioneer was E.B. Harris.

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