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2004 National Poultry Waste Management Symposium

Livestock Update, October 2004

Curtis Novak, Poultry Extension Specialist, VA Tech

"Balancing Economic and Environmental Issues"

The 9th National Poultry Waste Management Symposium will be held this year October 25 and 26th in Memphis, TN. Topics include: Societal Concerns, Waste and Nutrient Management, Legal Implications of the Clean Water & Clean Air Acts, Community Relations, Air Quality and Emissions, CAFO Compliance Around the Country and more. The meeting covers both the production and processing sides of the commercial poultry and egg industries. The meeting is designed for poultry waste management specialists, environmentalists and agency personnel to come together to share challenges, find solutions and solve problems. To register for the meeting you can go online at or call the Alabama Poultry & Egg Assoc. (334) 265-2732. To make room reservations to the block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Select, Memphis Intl. Airport call 888-444-7789.

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