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Poultry Update

Livestock Update, March 2005

Dr. Curtis L. Novak Extension Animal Scientist, Poultry, VA Tech

Virginia Poultry Federation Youth Convention
The VPF Youth Convention (State 4-H/FFA judging contest) will be held in Harrisonburg, VA at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Thursday April 28, 2005. Details and entry information have been mailed to agents, 4-H/FFA teachers and coaches and last year's participants. All contest information is also available on the web. Contest registration is due by March 18, 2005 to be a participant in the event.

See the 4-H poultry web site for this information:

District Training Sessions for 4-H Judging
Poultry judging training sessions will be scheduled during February to early April around the state in order to prepare 4-H members planning on attending poultry judging contests this year. It is required that you attend a qualifying event such as this one to participate in 4-H poultry judging, unless you are a past participant, but past participants are also encouraged to participate for practice. Contact your local 4-H office or myself (540-231-5087; about time and location of these events. Thanks in advance and looking forward to meeting the new participants.

4-H Poultry listserv available
There has been a poultry listserv created for persons directly involved in poultry related events. If interested in receiving information and have not subscribed yet, please do so at the following web site:

FFA Participants in the Virginia Poultry Federation Youth Convention
This year the VPF Youth Convention will be held in Harrisonburg, VA at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Thursday, April 28, 2005. As last year, this event will be the state-judging contest for FFA contestants replacing the poultry-judging contest in June at Virginia Tech. However, at the State FFA Convention in June, there will be an Avian Bowl event. To prepare for this event, refer to the FFA Poultry Science Manual. The topics/sections that will be covered in the Avian Bowl competition will be the same as for the written examination during the poultry-judging event in Harrisonburg.

2005 FFA Poultry Judging Sections:

2005 Poultry Judging Test and Avian Bowl Sections:

If you have any questions concerning these events or other poultry events that will take place this year contact Curtis Novak (540-231-5087 or or you can visit my web site:

Upcoming Poultry Events
Contact Curtis Novak ( or 540-231-5087) for information

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