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Virginia Poultry Federation Contest Results

Livestock Update, June 2005

Dr. Curtis Novak Poultry Extension Specialist, VA Tech

The Virginia Poultry Federation judging contest was held at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Thursday, April 28, 2005. Total participation in the judging contest was 31 teams and 123 individuals. This contest serves as the State 4-H and FFA Poultry Judging Contest. Results in each division were as follows:

Division I - Intermediate 4-H

1st Place team - Madison 3049
2nd Place team - Fauquier B 2955
3rd Place team - Fauquier A 2882

Name Team Score
1st - Micah Koranek Madison 1061
2nd - Dylan Butler Fauquier 1047
3rd - Johanna Jewell Fauquier 1025
4th - Rachel Baker Fauquier 999
5th - Mary Quinn Eakins Madison 996
6th - Ana Maria Eakins Madison 992
7th - Jakob Seeley Fauquier 973
8th - Kayleigh Mize Fauquier 953
9th - Camille Lanandows Fauquier 945
10th - Timothy Hughes Culpeper 942

Division I - Senior 4-H

1st Place team - Culpeper Co. 3762
2nd Place team - Fauquier Co. 3736
3rd Place team - Loudoun Co. 3487

Name Team Score
1st - Matthew Koraneck Culpeper 1319
2nd - Ashley Jewell Fauquier 1278
3rd - Terri Hibl Culpeper 1245
4th - Jacklyn Butler Fauquier 1232
5th - Dillon Jewell Fauquier 1226
6th - Laura Gaylord Loudoun 1199
7th - Sara Dye Culpeper 1198
8th - Sarah Dunlap Loudoun 1173
9th - Kelby Sengpiehl Fauquier 1115
10th - Nathan Dobbins Fauquier 1103

Division I - Junior FFA

1st Place team - Turner Ashby 3767
2nd Place team - Peter Muhlenberg B 3690
3rd Place team - Peter Muhlenberg A 3628
4th Place team - Central 3604
5th Place team - Fort Defiance 3564

Name Team Score
1st - Paula Craun Turner Ashby 1347
2nd - Derek Shank Fort Defiance 1286
3rd - Nichole Dilliner Peter Muhlenberg 1284
4th - Zach Dean Montevideo Middle 1280
5th - Aaron Heishman Peter Muhlenberg 1276
6th - James Dodson Peter Muhlenberg 1268
7th - Brian Jordan Peter Muhlenberg 1249
8th - Emily Wagner Highland 1245
9th - Jennifer Coffman Turner Ashby 1215
10th - Justin Marston Central 1215

Division II - Senior FFA

1st Place team - Broadway 4092
2nd Place team - Spotswood B 4085
3rd Place team - Central 4074
4th Place team - Spotswood A 3866
5th Place team - Sherando 3861

Name Team Score
1st - Randal Coleman Central 1416
2nd - Kymberley Hammer Spotswood 1398
3rd - Sarah Joseph Spotswood 1390
4th - Jeremy Spitzer Broadway 1383
5th - Quentin King Broadway 1358
6th - Megan Holick Broadway 1351
7th - Steven Thomas Sherando 1350
8th - Emily Ritchie Stonewall Jackson 1349
9th - Tom Liskey Spotswood 1348
10th - J J White Fort Defiance 1342

I would like to thank all the supporters of the Youth Convention - Pilgrim's Pride, Tyson's, Perdue, George's Foods, Cargill Turkey Products, VA Poultry Growers Coop and Glenwood Farms. Rockingham Poultry Servicemen's Committee/Virginia Poultry Federation sponsored the judging contest awards and lunch again this year.

Special thanks to the USDA Graders Service and Virginia Tech Extension Poultry Specialists and students for helping set up the contest and serving as officials.

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