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Fall 2005 Premium Assured Heifer Sales Strong

Livestock Update, January 2006

John B. Hall, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, Virginia Tech

Breeders of Virginia Premium Assured Heifers sold over 750 bred heifers at auction and private treaty sales. Almost 600 VAPAH and VAPAH+ bred heifers sold at auction averaged $1202.90 (Table1). A group of heifers developed by Jimmy McConnell and sold in the Scott County Sale topped the fall sales averaging $1730.00 per heifer.

Table 1. Sale averages for VAPAH heifers sold Fall 2005
Sale Heifer type No. Ave. Price per Heifer Sale Total
DOC Blackstone VAPAH+ 92 $1,245.87 $114,620.00
Pulaski Feeder Calf Association VAPAH 274 $1,037.50 $284,275.00
Mountain Momma VAPAH+ 117 $1,391.88 $162,850.00
Scott County Cattle Producers VAPAH+/VAPAH 79 $1,349.87 $106,640.00
Amelia Area Cattlemen, LLC VAPAH+ 36 $1,415.28 $50,950.00
Total   598 $1,202.90 $719,335.00

Forty-two VAPAH bred heifers sold by silent auction and private treaty from the SW Agricultural Research and Extension Center averaged $1109.00. Sale prices for private treaty VAPAH heifers ranged from $1000 to $1500 per heifer.

Heifers that were bred by artificial insemination brought $50 to $150 more per heifer than heifers bred by natural service sires. It appears that buyers are putting value on calves produced from high accuracy sires that excel in a variety of traits. A majority of the heifers sold this fall were VAPAH+ females. For heifers to qualify for VAPAH+ their sire must have met minimum criteria for growth and milk EPDs.

For more information on the Virginia Premium Assured Heifer Program, see the VAPAH website at or contact Dr. John B. Hall at or 540-231-9153.

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