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National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference

Livestock Update, January 2006

Dr. Curtis Novak, Poultry Extension Specialist, VA Tech

LOUISVILLE --- The 2006 National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference was held on Nov. 15th and 16th at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds. A total of 44 states were represented at this year's contest.

Virginia had two representatives attending in the cookery section of the event. Rachael Pennington and Stephanie Crites attended the event and competed in Turkey BBQ and egg cookery and presentation, respectively. Rachael received 5th place out of 10 individuals and Stephanie received 8th out of 13. Both did very well and if you ask me their products were tops. They were just like Emeril, BAM! Please, if you know these young individuals, don't forget to give them a word of thanks for representing the state so well. It was a pleasure accompanying them to the event.

There were a number of different sponsors for the event, one being the Virginia Poultry Federation. Thanks again for your sponsorship of this important youth event.

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