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Beef Quality Assurance Chuteside Training Offered At Beef Expo

Livestock Update, March 2006

John B. Hall, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, Virginia Tech

Producers wanting to obtain Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification can complete the final portion of certification training at the 2006 Virginia Beef Expo. The chuteside portion is the last phase of BQA certification. The two hour Chuteside training includes demonstration and hands-on practice with proper handling and administration of animal health products. Also, included in the chuteside training will be record keeping for BQA. Extension specialists and agents will present the chuteside training on Thursday, April 13 and Friday, April 14 beginning at 10:00 a.m. each day.

Producers will need to have completed the lecture portion of BQA certification before taking the chuteside training at Beef Expo. The lectures can be viewed as narrated slide (PowerPoint) presentations available on CD or at the VA BQA web site . To borrow a copy of the BQA CD contact your county Extension agent. Alternatively, some agents may offer the lecture at a meeting before Beef Expo.

Beef Quality Assurance certification is essential to participate in some value-added marketing programs such as the Virginia Quality Assured Feeder Calf Program. More feedlots and beef processors are requiring cattle to come from BQA certified operations. In Virginia, over 3200 beef producers have completed BQA training and made their commitment to enhancing beef safety and quality. For more information contact Dr. John B. Hall, Extension Beef Specialist at 540-231-9153 or

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