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Results of the 2006 All-East Livestock Contest

Livestock Update, May 2006

Tracy Tomascik, Graduate Teaching Assistant, VA Tech; Coach, Virginia Tech Livestock Judging Team

As many of you know, Virginia Tech hosted the 2006 All-East Livestock Judging Contest on April 6-8. This unique contest is comprised of a day evaluating terminal animals for their expected carcass value, a day of breeding and replacement animal selection, and a final day of 12 judging classes of which the students defend their placing with oral reasons about 8 of those classes.

Virginia Tech was represented by eight students: Joe Epperly - Moneta, VA, Tim Gregory - Java, VA, Kelli Beavers - Arlington, VA, Brett Wightman - Edinburg, VA, Ben Roudabush - Spencer, VA, Dixie Boyd - Winchester, VA, Sarah Barlow - Louisa, VA and Allen Heishman - Woodstock, VA. Individual efforts were noted when Joe Epperly placed 2nd in sheep selection and 7th in combined selection of all species. Ben Roudabush placed 4th in sheep selection and 8th overall in the selection contest. Brett Wightman and Dixie Boyd placed in the top 20 and aided in anchoring the Hokies to top honors in the sheep selection contest.

On the last day of the contest, the team placed 7th overall in judging. Tim Gregory placed 16th in reasons and 22nd sheep ranking, Ben Roudabush was 15th in cattle ranking, Dixie Boyd was 19th in swine ranking, Brett Wightman was 25th in cattle ranking and Sarah Barlow was 21st overall. The team ranked 7th in cattle, 8th in swine, 10th in sheep and were 7th overall for the judging contest. In the evaluation contest, the team ranked 7th overall with a 4th and 5th place finish in beef and sheep evaluation, respectively. At the end of tabulation from all 3 days of contests and evaluating over 100 animals, the Hokies placed 6th overall among 11 teams.

These students have dedicated their time and effort to represent the university among the elite programs throughout the nation. This was the only contest that they will compete in this spring; however, the fall semester will hold many competitions and opportunities to not only make contacts in the livestock industry but also enjoy the competitive environment that livestock judging creates. Please join me in congratulating these progressive individuals for a job well done when you see them and beyond that let them know that you are looking forward to hearing contest results in the fall.

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