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Youth Cattle Working Contest Schedule for 2007

Livestock Update, March 2007

Dr. Mark L. Wahlberg, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech


The Youth Cattle Working Contest (YCWC) program continues to be a method of teaching beef quality assurance skills and concepts to young people.  In the contest, teams of 3 are asked to prepare a plan for administration of various health products to stocker cattle, then to administer those products to a group of calves.  They are evaluated on the adequacy of the plan, and on the safety and skill in administration of the products.  In 2006, the specific products administered included a dewormer, 7-way clostridial vaccine, modified live respiratory vaccine, fly tags, and growth-promoting implant.

In 2007 there are 4 regional events scheduled in which local teams may qualify for the state contest.  That state contest is held as part of the Virginia Beef Expo on Saturday, April 27.The top-placing teams at the various regional events will be invited to the state contest, with 10 teams competing at the state level.

The schedule for the regional events is:
_____March 29, Shenandoah Valley AREC, Steeles Tavern (1:00 pm)
_____March 31, Southwest Virginia AREC, Glade Spring (10:00 am)
_____April 6, Malcolm Boothe Farm, Dublin (9:30: am and 1:30 pm)
_____April 11, Tucker Livestock, Radiant (Madison County) (2:30 pm)

Background information about the Youth Cattle Working Contest program can be found at the 4H Livestock website, the site address is

Included in the information are rules regarding how the competition is conducted, a scoring sheet which indicates how teams are evaluated, and a cattle processing map which teams must complete as part of the activity.  Also available to download is an entry form.  Entries for the contest are due by March 20 regardless of which regional event a group is registering for.

The Youth Cattle Working Contest program is conducted by Virginia Cooperative Extension, with particular involvement of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences.  In addition to several corporate partners, the Virginia Beef Industry Council sponsors this educational activity.


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