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2007 Virginia BCIA Southwest Bull Test Sale Report

Livestock Update, April 2007

Scott Greiner, Ph.D., Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

The 28th Annual Southwest Virginia Performance Tested Bull Sale sponsored by the Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association was held Saturday, March 24, 2007 at Wytheville.  The 132 bulls sold commanded an average price of $2087 per head.  Breed averages were as follows:  91 Angus averaged $2069, 18 purebred Simmental averaged $2161, 7 Simmental Hybrids $2714, 8 Charolais $1838, 6 Gelbvieh $1983, and 2 Polled Hereford averaged $1350.

High-selling bull of the sale was a SimAngus bull, Lot 411, bred by J & M Windy Acres of Maryville, TN and selling to Boothe’s Longview Farm of Pulaski, VA for $5100.  This homozygous black, December 2005 son of GAR Predestined posted a BW EPD -0.1, YW EPD +84, and MB EPD +0.47 along with ultrasound REA of 17.6 square inches, ratio 116, and IMF ratio of 114.  Demand was strong for Simmental bulls, with the high indexing Senior Simmental, Lot 405, consigned by Tom & Ruth Clark of Wytheville, VA selling to Moonlight Cattle Company of Headland, AL for $4600 for two-thirds interest.  The October 2005 son of CNS Dream On L186 posted a test yearling weight of 1312 pounds, ratio 110, along with EPDs of +0.3, +67, and +0.24 for birth weight, yearling weight, and REA, respectively.  His three-quarter brother, Lot 404, also consigned by the Clarks, commanded a $4000 bid for two thirds interest from The Duncan Farm of Chilhowie, VA.  This homozygous black son of Dream On had a BW EPD of +0.1, YW EPD +61, and IMF ratio 119.  The high indexing Junior Simmental, Lot 433, bred by Trio Farms of Luray, VA brought $3200 and went to Rumsey Family Farm of Spotsylvania, VA.  This homozygous black son of SRS J914 Preferred Beef had a test ADG of 4.74, ratio 118, test YW 1456 pounds, ratio 113, along with YW EPD +73, MB EPD +0.32 and REA EPD +0.24.  Lot 419 consigned by Hucklebery Hill of Rural Retreat, VA sold for $3100 and went to Brad Woodham of Newton, AL.  This March 2006 calf was sired by ES Dakota NK 68 and had WW and YW ratios of 117 and 113 along with a YW EPD of +86, complimented by strong ultrasound ratios.  Another SimAngus consignment from J & M Windy Acres, Lot 413, also sold to Boothe’s Longview Farm for $3000.  This homozygous black son of GAR Yield Grade posted a BW EPD of -2.1, YW EPD +69 and MB EPD +0.30.

A solid Angus bull sale was paced by Lot 24, consigned by Legacy Farm of Forest, VA, selling to Larry Davidson of Gate City, VA for $3700.  This November, 2005 son of SAV 5175 Bando 0699 had a YW EPD of +105 along with IMF and REA EPDs of +0.32 and +0.55.  Lot 25, also bred by Legacy Farm, sold to Rush Crockett of Wytheville, VA for $3500.  Another son of SAV 5175 Bando 0699, this bull was the high $Beef Value Angus bull of the sale with a $B EPD of +51.87.  Also commanding $3500 was the high indexing Junior Angus, Lot 154, consigned by J & M Windy Acres of Maryville, TN and selling to Jesse Webster of Vinton, VA.  Sired by Rito 2V1 of 2536 1407, this bull posted a test ADG of 4.81, ratio 127, and adjusted yearling weight of 1455 pounds, ratio 114, with a CE EPD +7, YW EPD +99, and IMF EPD +0.24.  Echo Ridge Farm of Atkins, VA consigned Lot 78, selling Hollow Hill Farm of Doe Hill, VA for $3300.  This calving ease, high IMF son of GAR Integrity had test YW and ADG ratios of 106 and 119, along with BW EPD +1.0 and ultrasound IMF ratio 130.  Lot 19 from Echo Ridge sold for $3300 and went to Morning Dew Farms of Bland, VA.  This low birth weight son of Rito OO14 of 4B24 2000 Plus had and BW EPD of +0.1 and strong test performance.  Lot 80, a low BW EPD son of GAR Cimmaron also bred by Echo Ridge sold to Don Pratt of Draper, VA.  The high-indexing Junior Angus, Lot 133, was bred by Cassell Angus Farm of Independence, VA and sold to Tim Sutphin of Dublin, VA for $3100.  This Rito 2V1 son achieved a test YW of 1503 pounds, ratio 117, test ADG 4.74, ratio 125, along with YW EPD +92 and REA EPD +0.54.  The high-indexing Senior Angus was bred by J & M Windy Acres and sold to Oak Spring Farm of Rural Retreat, VA for $3000.

The Senior Breeder Group Award went to Justafew Angus of Max Meadows, VA.  Lot 2 and Lot 3 Senior Angus from this consignment both sold for $3100 and went to Clifford Joines of Galax, VA and Denny Jessee at Castlewood, VA.  Sara Pratt of Atkins, VA was awarded the Junior Breeder Group, with her lead Junior Angus bull, Lot 84, selling to Dean Pratt of Draper, VA for $3100.

The Gelbvieh sale was led by Lot 601, bred by Little Windy Hill Farm of Max Meadows, VA and sold to Full Circle Farm of Ewing, KY for $2900.  This homozygous black and polled son of JOB Danell Montana Proud ET had a test ADG of 4.55 and YW EPD +83.  Another Little Windy Hill Farms consignment, Lot 604, sold to Ted Holyfield of Elkin, NC for $2800.  This homozygous black, homozygous polled bull was also sired by JOB Danell Montana Proud and had an adjusted YW of 1392 pounds, and YW EPD +82.

The high-indexing Junior Charolais, consigned by Leo and Annette Muncy of Pipestem, WV sold for $2900 for two thirds interest to The Duncan Farm of Chilhowie, VA.  This polled son of Baldridge Kojack 29K had a test YW of 1380, ratio 110, along with BW EPD of -2.0 and YW EPD +50.

The Polled Hereford bulls were consigned by Fields Edge, Inc. of Floyd, VA with Lot 201, sired by VPI Limited Edition J921 selling to Rush Crockett of Wytheville, VA. 

All bulls in the test and sale were consigned by members of the Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association.  Bulls were tested at Hillwinds Farm at Dublin, VA owned and operated by Tim Sutphin.  The sale was managed by Virginia BCIA and the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association, and the auctioneer was Mike Jones.


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