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Carpenter Receives Roy A. Meek Outstanding Sheep Producer Award

Livestock Update, April 2007

Scott Greiner, Ph.D., Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

Mike Carpenter was the recipient of the Roy A. Meek Outstanding Sheep Producer Award presented January 13, 2007 at the Virginia-North Carolina Shepherd’s Symposium held in Blacksburg, VA.  The award is presented annually by the Virginia Sheep Producers Association (VSPA) to recognize individuals which have made outstanding contributions to the sheep industry in Virginia.
Mike is a native of Madison County, and a graduate of Virginia Tech.  Mike served as Marketing Agent for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services from 1978-1981.  In February 1986, he became a Livestock Sales and Marketing Consultant for the Valley region and the statewide Sheep Marketing Program Manager for VDACS.  In this role, Mike works with producers and livestock markets to facilitate progressive marketing efforts for sheep and lambs.  Carpenter also administrates the Virginia Sheep Industry Board, the state producer board charged with allocating funds for sheep predation control, lamb promotion, and research.  Under his leadership, the board has invested producer check-off dollars in multiple ways to enhance the viability and competitiveness of the Virginia sheep industry.

Mike is well know and respected throughout the state for his dedicated efforts on behalf of livestock producers.  Through consultation and involvement with producers and industry, he has had a profound impact on Virginia’s livestock industry.  Mike has been a strong advocate of promotion, and has developed a reputation for his ability as a lamb chef through the numerous promotional events he is involved with annually. 

Carpenter has been recognized nationally for his contributions to animal agriculture.  He has served on USDA task force for the development of feeder lamb grade standards; the task force to revise the slaughter lamb grade standards; and the task force for the development of yield grades for slaughter lambs.  Mike was the project leader in the development and implementation of the Virginia Lamb Cooperative, Inc.  He has been recognized as Man of the Year by the National Livestock Grading and Marketing Association.

VSPA is proud to honor Mike Carpenter with the Outstanding Sheep Producer Award for his outstanding leadership and contributions for the benefit of the sheep industry in the state of Virginia.

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