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Premium Assured Heifer Sales Continue to Be Solid

Livestock Update, June 2007

Dr. John B. Hall Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

Buyers from five different states purchased over 500 Virginia Premium Assured (VAPAH) Bred Heifers and 130 Open Heifers at special sales and private treaty purchases. Almost 400 VAPAH bred heifers sold at special sales averaged $1290.00 (Table 1). Price range of individual lots of heifers was $900 to $1750.  The average price on VAPAH bred heifers purchased private treaty was approximately $1250.

Table 1. Fall Calving Bred Heifer Sales - Spring 2007


Number of Head

Average Price

G&E VA Premium Assured Heifer Sale



Buckingham Cattlemen's Association



Central VA Cattlemen's Association



Amelia Area Cattlemen LLC



VA Beef Expo Commercial Heifer Sale



Overall Average 








Twenty-eight VAPAH open heifers sold at two special sales averaged $875.  Prices of open VAPAH heifers sold private treaty were similar to the special sales.

Overall prices and demand for VAPAH bred heifers as well as open heifers indicates that producers are interested in purchasing quality replacement heifers.  Whether the demand reflects herd expansion or a desire to improve overall genetics of the cowherd is unknown. 

Virginia Premium Assured Heifers are elite replacement heifers that have been screened for physical defects, proper structure, reproductive soundness, and genetic merit.  Bred heifers are bred to calving ease bulls and their pelvic areas are measured to reduce dystocia.  For more information about developing VAPAH bred or open heifers contact your County Extension Animal Science Agent or Dr. John B. Hall at or 540-231-9153.

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