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New Procedure for Entering a Competition at the 2007 State Fair of Virginia

Livestock Update, August 2007

Dr. Mark L. Wahlberg Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

The State Fair of Virginia will utilize an on-line entry system for the first time in 2007.  The information provided by exhibitors via the on-line process will be used to assemble show programs, automate the premium payment process, and build a complete database of participants in the Fair.

Key steps to follow are much the same as they have been in the past.  They are:

We encourage you to use the on-line method.  A paper entry form is still available, however.  Each department has a separate form.  On the competition page the entry form can be found just to the right of the rules and class list for each department.  Each department has a separate entry form, which gets mailed to different destinations, so please follow those directions carefully.

Deadline for livestock entries is August 15.

Tickets will be issued to exhibitors after their entries have been received.  This year all Youth Livestock and Poultry exhibitors will receive 3 exhibitors passes, regardless of the number of animals entered.  These passes, which are good for the duration of each competition only, will enable the bearer to enter the fairgrounds, but not to go on the rides.  Rides require a separate ticket.  Each exhibitor may purchase up to 4 additional exhibitor passes.  These tickets are purchased directly from the fair.  Details of the ticket policy are explained at

Instructions for the On-Line Entry System for the 2007 State Fair

Welcome to the 2007 State Fair of Virginia On-Line Entry System!

Please refer to the Competition Guide for your department before continuing with on-line entry. Competition Guides can be found at

Please note:
             1.   Accuracy is important – we use this data to pay premiums ($$$)!
2.   You may enter on-line or mail-in your entry, but please enter only once! Faxed entries
                   will not be accepted this year.

Adult General Competition Competitors (Adult Arts & Crafts, Adult Plants, Adult Crops & Vegetables, Giant Pumpkins): Please note that on-line entries are charged $0.20 per class. Mail-in entries must be accompanied by a surcharge of a $5.00 check or money order per exhibitor. Faxed entries will not be accepted.

Youth General Competition Competitors (Youth Arts & Crafts, Youth Plants, Youth Crops & Vegetables, 4-H & FFA Competitions): Youth competitors may enter on-line for free, but mail-in entries must be accompanied by a surcharge of a $5.00 check or money order per exhibitor. Faxed entries will not be accepted.

All Livestock Competitors: There is no charge for on-line or mail-in entries, but there are still the traditional per animal entry fees for Open shows. *Open exhibitors: Please pay attention to Step 3 – “Items” – proper fees must be paid before livestock exhibitor passes will be mailed. On-line entries must pay with a credit card on-line, or you may mail a check along with your entry form. Please note in your Competition Guide where to send your entry form and check.

Begin on-line entry by clicking Login/Logoff on the left side of the page, then simply follow the steps (the numbered red circles at the top of the page identify each step and will help walk you through the process).

If you need assistance or have questions regarding your entries, first refer to your Competition Guide. For further questions or feedback, please email

The Junior Stockmens Contest also has the on-line or paper copy version of the entry form.  Entries for this contest are due by September 15.  All contestants must have either a livestock exhibitors pass or a student competition ticket (purchased from the State Fair).  Details about the Stockmens Contest can be found at the State Fair Competition site, or the 4H Livestock website, site address =

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