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Virginia ROP: March Shipment Notice

Livestock Update, February 2008

Scott P. Greiner, Ph.D., Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

The next shipment of the Virginia Retained Ownership Program is tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 14, 2008.  The Retained Ownership Program was initiated to assist cow-calf producers determine the industry suitability and profitability of their cattle post-weaning.  Cattle will be co-mingled and fed as a group, allowing for participation with as few as five head from an individual producer.  As part of the program, complete performance, carcass, and profitability data are provided on an individual animal basis.  All cattle are sold on a carcass value grid basis, and all feeding costs are financed through the program.  An advance is available on consignments of ten or more cattle.

Virginia ROP cattle are fed in cooperation with the Tri-County Futurity, a cooperative program that includes several feedyards in southwest Iowa that custom feed and handle state-sponsored ROP cattle.  Oversight of the TCSCF is provided by a board of directors comprised of cow-calf producers, veterinarians, feedyard operators, and extension educators.  The program manages the cattle to optimize total carcass value and minimize excessive feeding costs.  This is accomplished by taking interim weights during the feeding period and by sorting pens of cattle into multiple harvest groups.

Consignors can send as few as five head of steers or heifers.  Cattle should be preweaned, feed bunk and water trough trained and vaccinated with a 7-strain clostridial vaccine, an IBR, BVD, BRSV, & PI3 viral vaccine, as well as a pasteurella and haemophilis somnus vaccine. Additional recommendations on a backgrounding program are available from your local Extension agent. 

For more information on the Virginia ROP contact Scott Greiner, Extension Beef Specialist, Virginia Tech, phone 540-231-9159 or email


VQA Purple Tag
Sire Minimum Yearling Weight EPD Requirements
Bulls Born Fall 2006 & Spring 2007


Breed (%)









Charolais (PB and 15/16)



Gelbvieh (PB)



Gelbvieh (Balancer)









Red Angus



Simmental (PB )



Simmental (1/2)



*WW EPD only used if YW EPD not available



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