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Jim Sponaugle Receives 2008 Virginia Commercial Producer of the Year

Livestock Update, March 2008

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Beef Specialist, VA Tech

Virginia BCIA is proud to present the 2008 Virginia Outstanding Commercial Producer Award to Jim Sponaugle of Doe Hill, Virginia.  The Sponaugle cow-calf operation is recognized for its progressive approach to genetic improvement and marketing.

Sponaugle’s Highland County operation consists of 180 commercial cows which are part of a diversified agricultural enterprise operated with Jim’s wife Caroline, sons Michael and Matthew, daughter Cathy, and brother Harry.  The operation practices whole-herd artificial insemination and utilizes natural service sires primarily acquired through BCIA.  Jim keeps extensive computer records on his cow herd which allows for informed selection and management decisions to enhance the enterprise.

Sponaugle has been visionary in his approach to calf marketing.  A long-time supporter of graded sales, Jim provided leadership for the adoption of progressive ideas for the local calf pool.  He was instrumental in initiating the Virginia Quality Assured value-added feeder calf marketing program in the area, as well as the adoption of age and source verification strategies.

Jim’s leadership to the beef industry has included two terms on the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association Board of Directors where he also served as Treasurer, and over ten years as president of the Highland-Bath Cattle Association.  Jim was a member of the incorporating board to form the Virginia Cattlemen’s Foundation, and recently was appointed to the Virginia Cattle Industry Board.  He is a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and has been very active with the Highland County Fair Board. Additionally, Jim serves on the Poultry Cooperative Board of Directors and the Soil and Water Conservation Board.  He is a strong supporter of educational programs, and has hosted cattlemen from Australia interested in his operation and genetics.


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