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September Beef Management Calendar

Livestock Update, September 2008

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

Spring Calving Herds

Fall Calving Herds

Virginia Tech Beef Extension Drought Resources
While rainfall has been more plentiful in many areas of Virginia, significant portions of our region are very dry.  The Virginia Tech Beef Extension web page,, has a compilation of resource information related to drought strategies for beef producers.  Following is a list of a portion of the topics addressed:

Feeding Strategies During Drought
Minimizing Feed Inputs and Still Maintain Cow Numbers
Feeding Spring Calving Cows in Late Gestation This Winter
Early Weaning
Limiting Hay Intake By Cows
Water-Amount and Quality Critical to Cattle
Nutrition During Pregnancy May Have Long Term Impacts
Grazing Management Crucial During and After Drought
Feeding Cows When Feed Supply is Limited
Drought Strategies - Herd Inventory Decisions
Nitrate and Prussic Acid Toxicity Risk to Cattle Health

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