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2009 Culpeper Junior BCIA Bull Sale Report

Livestock Update, May 2009

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

The 51st Annual Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association Culpeper Junior Bull Sale was held Friday, April 3, 2009 at Glenmary Farm outside Rapidan, Virginia. A total of twenty-one bulls sold for an average price of $1588, which included twenty Angus at $1593 and one Red Angus for $1500.

A nice crowd was on hand to participate in the new sale format which included pre-established base prices on every bull which were then offered for sale during an informal auction process at the farm. Gundzik Angus Farm of Manchester, Maryland bred Lot 119 which sold to Thomas Graves of Orange, VA for $1900. This calving ease son of BR Midland had EPDs of +12 CED, -0.1 BW, +92 YW, +0.72 MB, and +54 $B along with test YW and ADG ratios of 110 and 123, respectively. Gundzik Angus Farm also consigned the top indexing bull, Lot 118, which sold to James Terrill of Gaithersburg, MD for $1800. Sired by SS Objective T510 0T26, this bull had an impressive test ADG of 5.18 and yearling weight of 1406 complimented by YW EPD +104, REA EPD +0.58, and +60 $B.

The Breeder Group Award was presented to Echo Ridge Farm of Atkins, Virginia. Their consignment was led by Lot 95, selling to Colin Whittington of Amelia, Virginia for $1850. This son of GAR Prediction had YW and ADG ratios of 113 and 129, along with EPDs of +9 CED, +90 YW, +0.46 MB, and +0.50 REA. Echo Ridge also bred Lot 99 which sold to Jim Smith of Daleville, Virginia for $1800. Sired by Rito 5TH9 of 2K4 Integrity, he had test YW and ADG ratios of 117 and 119, along with +108 YW EPD and ratios of 115 for both ultrasound IMF and REA.

All bulls in the test and sale were consigned by members of the Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association. Bulls were tested and heifers developed by Tom and Kim Nixon and staff at Glenmary Farm near Rapidan, Virginia. The sale was managed by Virginia BCIA and the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association, and the auctioneer was Dale Stith.

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