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Genetic Resources*
Revised June 17, 1996

Livestock Update, July 1996

Cindy Wood, Animal & Poultry Sciences

Virginia Purebred Swine Breeders Association
Mr. Linden Gochenour
Gochenour Brothers
Route #2, Box 250
Woodstock, VA 22664
Mr. Dennis V. Webster
P. O. Box 8431
Roanoke, VA 24014
Mr. Bob Reeves
P. O. Box 65
Bridgewater, VA 22812
Mr. Walter L. Young, Jr.
Rose Valley Farm
Route #1, Box 161
Courtland, VA 23837
Mr. Perry E. Roberts
Route #2, Box 262
Emporia, VA 23847
Swine Breed Associations
American Berkshire Association
P.O. Box 2436
W. Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 317-497-3618
Breed Publication: The Berkshire News
American Landrace Association
P.O. Box 2340
W. Lafayette, IN 47906
Tom Parks, Director of Public Relations
Phone: 317-497-3718
Breed Publication: Commercial Yearbook (annual) and America's Sowherd (quarterly)
American Miniature Pig Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 116
Douglasville, GA 30133
Phone: 404-489-2118
American Yorkshire Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 2417
West Lafayette, IN 47906-0417
Phone: 317-463-3593
Breed Publication: Seedstock Edge
Chester White Swine Record Association
P. O. Box 9758
Peoria, IL 61612
Phone: 309-691-0151
Breed Publication: Chester White Journal
Hampshire Swine Registry
P. O. Box 2807
West Lafayette, IN 47906-0807
Phone: 317-497-4123
Breed Publication: Seedstock Edge
National Hereford Hog Record Association
Rt. 1, Box 37
Flandreau, SD 57208
Phone: 605-997-2116
National Spotted Swine Record, Inc.
P. O. Box 9758
Peoria, IL 61612
Phone: 309-691-0151
Breed Publication: Spotted News
Poland China Record Association
P. O. Box 9758
Peoria, IL 61612
Phone: 309-691-0151
Breed Publication: Poland China Advantage
Purebred Swine Breeders Assoc. of Canada
2417 Holly Lane
Ottawa, Canada K1V0M7
Tamworth Swine Association
Route 2, Box 36
Winchester, OH 45697
Phone: 513-695-0114
Breed Publication: The Tamworth News
United Duroc Swine Registry
P. O. Box 2397
West Lafayette, IN 47906-0397
Phone: 317-497-4084
Breed Publication: Seedstock Edge
Seedstock Companies
Babcock Swine, Inc.
P. O. Box 759
Rochester, MN 55903
Birchwood Genetics
Curt Wagoner
465 Stephen Road
W. Manchester, OH 45382
Comparts Boar Store
Chris Compart
Route 2
Nicollet, MN 56074
Cotswold USA
15491 State Highway 941
Alden, IA 50006-9103
DeKalb Swine Breeders, Inc.
3100 Sycamore Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
Importing JSR Healthbred (British) lines
Farmers Hybrid
P. O. Box 4528
Des Moines, IA 50306
Future Genetics, Inc.
1306 W. Co. Rd. F, Suite 208
St. Paul, MN 55112
Genetic Improvement Services (GIS)
P. O. Box 447
Burlington, IN
Genetipork USA
1939 Burns Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55119
Illini Swine, Inc.
Baseline Road
Kingston, IL 60145
National Genetic Technology
P. O. Box 129
Columbus, NE 68601
Check availability
National Pig Development (NPD) Co.
Carrolls/Smithfield Packing Co.
Restricted availability
Nebraska SPF Swine Accrediting Agency
1840 North 48th Street
Lincoln, NE 68504-3004
Includes performance testing
Newsham Hybrids (UK)
2965 Broadmoor Valley Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Pig Improvement Company
P. O. Box 348
Franklin, KY 42135-0348
Premier Swine Breeding Systems, Inc.
Denny Shoup
Box 223
Michigantown, IN 46057
Seghers Hybrids USA
1603 22nd Street
Suite 204
West Des Moines, IA 50266
Stoney Creek Farms
Dale Hendrickson
Route 2
Farmland, IN 47340
AI Studs
Birchwood Genetics, Inc.
465 Stephens Road
West Manchester, OH 45382
Stoney Creek Farms
RR #2, Box 262
Farmland, IN 47340
Highpoint Swine Genetics
Rt. 2
Chrisman, IL 61924
Swine Genetics International, Ltd.
Rt. 1, Box 3
Cambridge, IA 50046
International Boar Semen
30473 260th Street
Eldora, IA 50627
United Swine Genetics
RR 2
Roanoke, IL 61561
Lean Value Sires
8605 Tipp Elizabeth Road
New Carlisle, OH 45344
Zierke Farms
Rt. 1
Chokio, MN 56221
Premier Sires

*Based on information readily available to producers. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but most of the seedstock companies and AI studs are recognized nationally or internationally.

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