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Hokie Harvest Sale - VOLUME II

Livestock Update, September 1996

D. E. Eversole, Animal & Poultry Sciences

There will be a "student-managed" livestock sale of university beef cattle and horses at the Virginia Tech Beef Cattle Center on Friday, November 1, 1996, at 5:30 PM. Students with Junior and Senior status will be enrolled in a Livestock Merchandising class taught by Dr. Dan Eversole in which the students will learn the underlying principles and pertinent activities involved in successfully promoting and merchandising livestock. Guest speakers will be invited to discuss the specific skills in salesmanship, cataloging, photography, budgeting, facility development, and advertising.

Approximately 60 head of university horses (30 lots) and registered beef cattle (30 lots) will be catalogued for this sale. A wide assortment of horses and beef cattle of various classes, ages, and breeds will be offered for public auction. The breakdown of sale lots is as follows:

I. Horses (5:30 PM)
Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods (and crosses), Quarter Horses, Saddlebreds
5 weanlings
2 yearlings
2 two-year-olds
4 bred mares (3 ridable)
17 riding horses
1 stallion

II. Purebred Beef Cattle (7:30 PM)
13 Angus cow/calf pairs
6 Polled Hereford cow/calf pairs
7 bred yearling heifers
4 Angus
2 Polled Herefords
1 Gelbvieh
2 breeding age bulls (performance-tested)
1 fall yearling Angus
1 fall yearling Polled Hereford
1 Limousin and 1 Gelbvieh cow/calf pair

Sale catalogs can be obtained by contacting Dr. Dan Eversole (540/231-4738 or or Dr. Nancy Jack (540/231-9150 or

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