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Fundraising Opportunity for Virginia 4-H Clubs

Livestock Update, October 1996

Larry A. Lawrence, Animal & Poultry Sciences

Leonard Phillips wishes to introduce you to Gladstone Media's Misty of Chincoteague Foundation 1997 calendar, and to suggest it would make an excellent fund-raiser for your 4-H club. The basic idea is clubs can buy the calendar at Wholesale prices and sell to members, friends and neighbors at retail, collecting about six dollars profit per calendar (the calendar wholesales for $5.98 and retails for $11.95). Selling as few as a dozen calendars will add over $67.00 to your treasury. In addition, a portion of the publisher's proceeds goes to helping the Misty of Chincoteague Foundation achieve its goals. The MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE FOUNDATION is a nonprofit corporation established by Misty author Marguerite Henry to buy and preserve the Beebe Ranch, and to establish an educational museum near the site of Misty's original home.

The actual calendar measures 11 X 14 inches, with 12 full-color photographs by National Geographic photographer Medford Taylor, 12 B&W archival photographs of Misty and the Beebe family, and 12 illustrations by Misty illustrator Wesley Dennis. Full captions and quotes from Marguerite Henry's books tell the story behind America's best-loved pony family. This really is a beautiful calendar - you won't be disappointed when you see it.

Interested clubs should contact:

Leonard G. Phillips or Jeanne Bruce-Phillips
Gladstone Media Corporation
117 Overlook Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9605

Phone & FAX: (804)293-8471

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