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Youth Show Enthusiasm for Meat Product Quality

Livestock Update, January 1997

Paul Graham, Food Science and Technology (

Non-formal education in meat science is an important component of Virginia Tech's offerings to the youth of Virginia. Throughout the year, middle and high school students participated in local, regional, and state contests to identify retail meat cuts and to rank like-cuts according to their potential value to the consumer. Both 4-H and FFA programs include meat identification and judging as a part of their curricula. Winners of the respective state contests compete in national events in Manhattan, Kansas, as rewards for their efforts. This year, the State 4-H Meat Judging Team placed 17th in the National Contest with Billy Russell, Frederick County, ranking 49th in total score. Christy Walthers (Rockingham County), and Frederick County's Brandon Russell and Jami Christiansen made up the team. The State FFA Meats Team placed 24th in the National FFA Meats Contest. Rebecca Begoon, Bryan Breeden, Sonja Houff, and Matt Welch all finished in the "Silver" category in total score. The Virginia Tech Meat Judging Team placed 15th in the International Meat Judging Contest in Dakota City, Nebraska. Erica Pickler was 5th high individual in Beef Grading and 47th in the contest. Brant Cassell, Dan Deskedt, and Leigh Flournoy ranked 54, 57, and 60 in individual scoring.

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