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Virginia BCIA Announces Awards

Livestock Update, April 1997

Ike Eller, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association presented two Superior Service Awards at the 1997 Virginia Beef Industry Convention at Hot Springs on February 21st. One of these went to Mrs. Patricia (Patty) Douglas, long time employee of the Virginia Angus Association. Patty Douglas performed a key role in service to VA BCIA members as Virginia Angus Association operating as VA Sale Services, managed many bull sales at Central Bull Test Stations for many years. Patty Douglas performed a very important and personal service role, working with the VA BCIA and it's members in this capacity. The second service award went to Robert P. (Bob) Anderson, owner of Bleak Hill Farm at Woodville, Virginia in Rapahhanock County. Bob Anderson is a retired Eastern Airlines pilot who has owned a registered Angus herd and has been a real servant to BCIA over the past 20 years. He has served, for the last 10 years as chairman of the Culpeper Bull Test & Sale Committee and has given excellent leadership and much of his time to that endeavor. This was particularly so during this past year when the 39 year old Culpeper bull test was moved from the Culpeper Agricultural Enterprises to Glenmary Farm at Rapidan.

Five breeders were awarded Premier Breeder Awards based on outstanding performance of their entire consignment at VA BCIA Central Bull Test Stations in the test year 1995-96. These awards were as follows: Angus - Lynn Brae Associates, T.D. and Roger Steele, Daleville, Virginia. Bulls were tested at Culpeper and Red House. Polled Hereford - Richard A. Rollyson, Radford, Virginia. Bulls were tested at Wytheville. Charolais - James and David Clark, Urbanna, Virginia. Bulls were tested at Culpeper, Red House and Wytheville. Simmental - Tom and Ruth Clark, Bel-Vue Farm at Wytheville, Virginia. Bulls were tested at Culpeper and Wytheville. Gelbvieh - James Bennett and Family of Knoll Crest Farm at Red House, Virginia. Bulls were tested at Red House.

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