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Keeler Leads Virginia BCIA

Livestock Update, April 1997

Ike Eller, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

Greg Keeler, who is co-owner of Mooreland Farm at New Market, Virginia, breeders of registered Gelbvieh and Angus cattle was recently elected as president of the Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association. Keeler is an outstanding young man who has served on the board of directors of BCIA for two years and is a graduate in Animal Science at Virginia Tech.

Other officers which were elected during the 1997 Virginia Beef Industry Convention at Hot Springs February 21, Vice President Buster Hounshell, a Simmental breeder from Wytheville, Virginia and Secretary/Treasurer John Mitchell, a Salers and Angus breeder who operates Falling Springs Farm near Hot Springs, Virginia.

During the annual meeting of Virginia BCIA, directors elected for a three year term included David Zeller of Morven Farm at Charlottesville; Jim Saunders of Piney River; and John Mitchell of Hot Springs. Other members of the BCIA board of directors include Bill Oliver of Woodville, Don Richardson of Charlottesville, Tom Templeton of Harrisonburg, Don Benner of Deerfield, Greg Keeler and Buster Hounshell.

The technical directors of the association are Norman Vincel, VA-NC Select Sires, Rocky Mount, Virginia; Bill Beal, Virginia Tech, Dept. Of Animal and Poultry Sciences, and John Gerken, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Emeritus. The Educational Advisor is A. L. Eller, Jr., Extension Animal Scientist Emeritus at Virginia Tech.

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