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Check Out Educational Resources on World Wide Web

Livestock Update, May 1997

Phillip J. Clauer, Poultry Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech

More and more individuals are gaining access to the world wide web (WWW) through schools, business, local libraries and home access. Those interested in poultry and avian information now have a way to easily access poultry education information and Virginia 4-H poultry information through the WWW.

I am developing a homepage through our department server to make as much avian resources available as possible.

County agents, 4-H leaders and avian producers may want to bookmark this page for easy access to resources. The homepage address is:

The main page is broken out as (1) Calendar of Events, (2) Poultry Educational Resources, (3) Personal Information, (4) Program objectives, (5) VA Cooperative Extension Resources, and (6) F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions).

Please take a moment to look through this page to see how easy it is to access poultry resource information from the Virginia Cooperative Extension resource pages, other universities, and other sources of information. All linked sites have been reviewed before adding them to this site.

I will continue to build more to this site over time, but a lot of information is already available. Hopefully, you will find this page helpful to you and your clients as well. Please give me any feedback you may have to improve this site.

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