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Consignment Form: Retained Ownership Program

Livestock Update, August 1997

Bill McKinnon, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech


TAKE UP POINTS:  (September 20)

         Shipment locations will be designated to match consignments.

                              STEERS                    HEIFERS
Target weight:                700 lbs.                  600 lbs.
Accepted weight:              600-850 lbs.              500-750 lbs.

                  Steers                                Heifers
My consignment:   _________   No. Head                  _________
                  _________   Expected Average Weight   _________
                  _________   Weight Range              _________

Preferred shipment location:  _____________________________

Name:       ______________________________
Address:    ______________________________
Phone:      _________________(day)__________________(night)

Return with $10 per head consignment fee by September 1 to:
                                  Virginia Cattle Feeders Association
                                  P.O. Box  176
                                  Daleville, Va.  24083
                                  Phone:  540/992-1009

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