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Farm Construction and Facilities Symposium

Livestock Update, October 1997

Rodney Leech, Extension agent, Bath/High Counties

Virginia Cooperative Extension is planning a one-day conference entitled FARM CONSTRUCTION AND FACILITIES SYMPOSIUM to be held Wednesday, November 5, 1997 , from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The symposium will be at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall, located on Rt. 11 south of Harrisonburg. There will be a $20 per person registration fee to cover proceedings, the trade show, breaks, and lunch.

The conference will offer sessions on nine topics to be led by extension specialists, agents, and industry professionals. Topics include:

Concrete Uses on the Farm, presented by Dr. Eldridge Collins, Extension Agricultural Engineer from Virginia Tech and Mr. Jack Osborn, representative of Superior Concrete of Harrisonburg will discuss properties and basics of concrete, types and strengths, construction methods, and utilization of concrete in new and existing structures.

Modern Hay Storage Methods - Does it Pay, will be presented by Planning District 7 Farm Management Agent Mr. Bill Whittle. Mr. Whittle will discuss the economic pros and cons of hay storage methods including wrapping, sleeves, tarps, buildings and using existing facilities.

Looking at Your Fencing Needs, is the topic that will be presented by Mr. Jack Dunford, Planning District 6 Farm Management Agent and Mr. Tommy Tabor, a representative of West Virginia Fence and a fencing contractor. Mr. Dunford will present information on planning for fencing needs and fence budgets. Mr. Tabor will cover fencing options for rotational grazing systems, properties of fencing equipment, construction methods.

Bulk Storage Ideas for Farm Needs, will be presented by Rick Heidel, Extension Animal Science Agent and Dr. Bill Collins, Extension Agricultural Engineer from Virginia Tech. They will team up to cover the topics of proper storage ideas - big and small, the economics of storage ideas, alternative uses for storage facilities, and construction methods.

Legal Considerations for Farming Enterprises, is the topic that Dr. L. Leon Geyer, Professor, Environmental and Agricultural Law and Economics will present. He will discuss farm liability concerns and fence law.

Treated Wood Products for Farm Use, will be presented by Robert L. Smith, Extension Specialist of Wood Products at Virginia Tech. The discussion will include types wood treatment and their advantages vs. disadvantages along with safety concerns and proper handling of treated material.

Managing Our Waterways, Alternatives to Fencing, will be teamed taught by Phil Schroeder, Extension Environmental Science Agent and Dr. Eldridge Collins, Extension Agricultural Engineer Specialist. They will present information on stream crossing structures and creating repairian buffers.

Planning Farm Watering Systems, will be presented by Dr. Blake Ross, Extension Agricultural Engineer from Virginia Tech and will discuss materials and equipment, layout, and utilizing current water resources.

Upgrading and Renovating Handling Facilities, information will be presented by Rodney Leech, Extension Animal Science Agent and Dr. Bill Collins, Extension Agricultural Engineer. Their discussions will center around planning to improve what's currently in use, including squeeze chutes, working pens, loading facilities and transporting vehicles.

Participants will have the opportunity to pick and choose sessions according to their needs and interests and each session will be approximately one hour in length. Each paying participant will receive a packet of resource materials and proceedings. A trade show of construction and facility vendors will be available for viewing.

The conference is being organized and conducted by the planning District 5 and 6 Extension Animal Science Agents and is partially sponsored by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation with support from the Environmental Protection Agency and by participating vendors. If you have questions concerning the symposium, or are a person with a disability and desire assistance or accommodations, please notify the Rockingham County Extension office at 540-564-3080 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. by Friday, October 31, 1997. To register, use the registration form included below, or send the $20 registration fee, your name, address and phone no. and mail to:

Virginia Cooperative Extension, Rockingham, 965 Pleasant Valley Rd., Harrisonburg, VA 22801-9630. Please make checks payable to VCE Rockingham. Registrations should be postmarked by Oct. 31, 1997. Producers that pre-register and pre-pay will receive as a bonus the Midwest Beef Housing and Equipment Handbook and Farm Concrete Handbook.

Registration Form for Farm Construction and Facilities Symposium

NAME ______________________________________ PHONE ___________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________


Please be sure your $20 per person registration fee is enclosed, postmarked by October 31, 1997 to:
Rockingham Extension, 965 Pleasant Valley Rd., Harrisonburg, VA 22801-9630.
Make checks payable to VCE Rockingham

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