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1997 Beef Cow-Calf Conference Scheduled For December

Livestock Update, November 1997

John Hall, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

"Practical Alliances for Virginia Cattlemen" will be the theme of this year's Beef Cow-Calf Conference. As the cattle industry and the expectations of its customers continue to change, cow-calf producers must seek new ways to work together and market their cattle. Insuring market share and profitability may require some new ways of doing business. The purpose of the conference is 1) to allow cow-calf producers and related industry professionals to understand the changes occurring in the industry and 2) provide an opportunity for producers to interact with fellow Virginia cattle producers that are already involved in some of these new "alliances" or "networks".

The morning session will feature nationally recognized experts discussing the changes in the industry and the opportunity provided by alliances. The morning speakers include Casey Kelly from Cattle-Fax, Dr. Larry Corah with NCBA, Warren Weibert of Decatur Feedyards and Dave Nichols from Nichols Farms in Iowa. In the afternoon, participants will have an opportunity to visit with several Virginia producers involved in "alliances" ranging from specialized feeder cattle marketing to input/breeding/marketing co-op to retained ownership. Speakers for the afternoon session include producers/alliance coordinators Jim Myers, James Bennett, John Mitchell and Jerry Burner. Also, on the afternoon program are Reggie Reynolds (Virginia Cattlemen's Association) and Bill McKinnon (Virginia Tech Marketing Specialist).

A trade show will accompany the conference with co-sponsoring companies having exhibits and information for participants. The Conference is designed as a one-day in-depth educational event for commercial cow-calf producers, backgrounders, purebred breeders, professional workers and allied industry personnel. Anyone interested in profitable beef cattle production in Virginia and the surrounding territory is cordially invited.

The Conference will be held on December 8 at the Ingleside Hotel near Staunton. Pre-registration is required by no later than Friday, Nov. 28th. Registration fee is $25/person which includes lunch and a copy of the proceedings. The registration fee may be mailed or paid upon arrival at the conference. For additional information contact John Hall at 540/231-5253.

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