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H2N1 Avian Influenza Found in Virginia

Livestock Update, November 1997

Phillip J. Clauer, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

Virginia State Veterinarian, Dr. Bill Sims, has announced that avian influenza positive serology was found in a flock of spent layer hens during routine slaughter plant surveillance.

The National Veterinary Service Laboratory confirmed the AI to be H2N1.

The weak NVSL-positive findings were from two houses on the five-house layer operation near Abingdon, in the far southwest corner of Virginia. There had been no increase in mortality and no decrease in egg production. The farm was quarantined by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services pending the NVSL results, but is being removed. The birds were caught by a crew from Pennsylvania, but the department says the company assured it the crew has not been in the Pennsylvania quarantine zone.

State Veterinarian Sims says breaches in biosecurity have been noted in Virginia and follow up comments from his office will be provided later.

Please keep in mind the sensitive nature of avian influenza findings as they relate to exports.

This is a mild AI. However, it could have just as easily been H5 or H7. Please take every precaution and practice biosecurity in your flocks. No one wants to be in the situation that Pennsylvania is experiencing.

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