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Virginia Team Sweeps in Eastern Regional Poultry Judging Contest

Livestock Update, November 1997

Phillip J. Clauer, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

On September 27, five 4-H'ers represented Virginia at the Eastern Regional Judging Contest. The Rockingham County team was coached by Mike Wanger. Team members were Jennifer Pence, Jeff Heatwole, Kathryn Threewitts and Kristine Grayson.

The Virginia Team Placed:

The Virginia individuals also placed very well.

Kathryn Threewitts placed:

Kristine Grayson placed:

Jennifer Pence placed:

Mike Dunlap competed as an independent individual and placed:

In all, 15 teams from 9 states participated in the contest. Congratulations to all the Virginia youth on the fine job they did representing the State of Virginia. All five will be representing Virginia in the National 4-H Contest in November in Kentucky.

The top teams placed as follows:

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