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Beef Producers Learn About Replacement Heifer Management

Livestock Update, December 1997

John B. Hall, Ph.D., Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Virginia Tech

Over 350 beef producers improved their knowledge on replacement heifer management and maintaining young beef cows in the herd. Local Virginia Cooperative Extension Agents along with Virginia Tech Extension Specialists taught the day-long Beef Cow 2000 workshops in four locations around the state. The purpose of these workshops according to Dr. John B. Hall, extension beef specialist, was to improve the quality and efficiency of producing replacement females for Virginia beef herds. The program's focus on nutrition and reproductive management was aimed at lowering costs of production. Producers adopting these strategies for developing replacement heifers may also be able to increase farm income by selling bred heifers in the near future said Extension marketing specialist Bill McKinnon. Local Extension Agents noted that producers especially enjoyed the hands-on portion of the program which included selecting replacements from a group of heifers at the program, and guessing the weight and quality of hay bales. Extension agents demonstrated how locally produced forages could be used in replacement heifer diets. A special demonstration on solving calving problems and proper calving assistance was given by Extension Veterinarian Dr. Dee Whittier. Producers unable to attend the program may obtain proceedings of the workshop by contacting their local extension office or calling Dr. Hall at 540-231-9153. Proceedings cost $ 5.00. Other in-depth programs relating to heifer development and young cow management will be conducted later this winter.

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