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The 1998 Virginia Pork Industry Conference

Livestock Update, December 1997

Allen Harper, Extension Swine Specialist, Virginia Tech

The 1998 Virginia Pork Industry Conference is scheduled for January 22 at the Airfield 4-H and Conference Center near Wakefield, Virginia. The all-day educational program for producers, farm managers and industry people will feature topics that are of critical importance to the swine industry.

In the morning program, Dr. Terry Wilson, Veterinary Pathologist with the U.S.D.A Animal - Plant Health Inspection Service, will present the topic "An Overview of Foot and Mouth Disease In Taiwan -- Could It Happen In The U.S.?" Dr. Wilson traveled extensively in Taiwan during that country's devastating outbreak of swine Foot and Mouth Disease. He will provide an insiders view of the devastation that epidemic disease can bring to a swine industry and offer suggestions on how such devastation can be prevented in Virginia and U.S. swine herds. Dr. Mike Brumm, Extension Swine Specialist with the University of Nebraska, will follow with a presentation on "New Business Linkages In A Developing Pork Industry." This subject will provide new insight into business arrangements that are developing in today's pork industry. This includes linkages of producers with other producers, producers and feed companies or producers and contractors.

After lunch, the educational program will continue with a presentation by Dr. Morgan Morrow of the NCSU Department of Animal Science. His topic will be: "Viable Options for Mortality Disposal on Hog Farms." In his discussion, Dr. Morrow will outline the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of dead pig disposal options for producers. Special emphasis will be given toward protection of the environment and maintenance of adequate herd biosecurity. Dr. Eldridge Collins, Extension Agricultural Engineer at Virginia Tech, will complete the afternoon session with a talk entitled "Anaerobic Lagoons -- Past, Present and Future Use in Swine Production." This presentation will outline the evolution of lagoons for swine manure treatment and storage and bring participants up to date on the current state of technology for lagoon design and management.

Immediately following the educational program, the Virginia Pork Industry Association will hold it's annual business meeting. That evening the Virginia Pork Industry Awards Banquet will be held. Complete program and registration details for the conference will be available through local Extension Offices, the Extension Swine Specialist office at the Virginia Tech Tidewater AREC and the Virginia Pork Industry Board Program Director's office in Richmond.

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