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Lambfeed$ -- Lamb Feeding Break-even Spreadsheet

Livestock Update, January 1998

Bill McKinnon, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

See a sample of a newly developed lamb feeding break-even analysis spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is built upon Microsoft Excel platform and is similar in format to the "Stocker" spreadsheet available for several years.

The spreadsheet allows the user to input his estimates into each cell that is underlined. The spreadsheet does not serve as a ration balancer or performance predictor. Lambfeed$ can serve as a feeder lamb buying guide because projects either a breakeven sale price at a range of purchase prices. The program also allows the user to input his finished lamb price projection on then estimate the returns across various feeder lamb purchase prices.

Additional copies of Lambfeed$ can be obtained for the replacement cost of a disk. Contact Bill McKinnon 540-231-9160.

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