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Virginia Angus Association Plans Major Educational Event July 18, 1998

Livestock Update, April 1998

Bill R. McKinnon, Extension Animal Scientist, Marketing, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Angus Association will present "Tomorrow's Future for Today's Cattlemen," an informative seminar that will be of interest to Angus breeders, Commercial cattlemen, as well as to owners of other breeds of cattle. This educational event will take place July 18 at the Ramada Inn and Rockingham County Fairgrounds, both in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The programs will be in seminar format and will include guest speakers of national and international renown. The event is being held in conjunction with the 37th Virginia Angus Breeders' Show, which will be held July 19.

Programs offered will include: 1) A hands on computer demonstration, using the American Angus Association'' "Angus Herd Management Software"; 2) Angus Herd Improvement Records and how to interpret and better use them; 3) A seminar dealing with placing and laying out effective advertising; 4) A program dealing with end product marketing, including interpretation of carcass data; 5) A session dealing with developing a total marketing plan; 6) A team of attorneys and accountants will deal with farm taxes, insurance and estate planning; 7) A session concerning ultrasound evaluation of cattle, including ribeye, marbling and backfat; 8) A section on total herd health includes Bio-Security and preventative maintenance; 9) A clinic on fitting and showing for youth and other interested participants.

The sessions will be held in 'round robin' fashion, enabling the participants to select several different interests. The advance registration fee, due by June 1, of $15 includes a buffet lunch. Registration after June 1 will be $30 per person. For more information, including registration forms contact:

Virginia Angus Association
Route 2 Box 446
Staunton, VA 24401
(540) 337-3001
(540) 337-3113 FAX

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