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Poultry Web Site Update

Livestock Update, April 1998

Phillip J. Clauer, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

As many of you are aware, Phillip Clauer's Poultry Resource Homepage has access to a lot of helpful poultry information to help you and your clientele. This page has over 1100 links and has had over 2000 visitors since December 16,1 997. The most helpful section for agents to use in helping answer clientele questions is the "Specific Resources" section under Poultry Educational Resources.

Agents will especially find the new Specific Commercial section help for calls asking what it takes to start in the commercial poultry industry. The University of Georgia has a few fact sheets linked to this area which discuss what is involved in becoming a commercial poultry grower or business.

The Specific Resources section breaks down resources by species and disciplines to help you find accurate information quickly. The table of topics includes:

Breed IdentificationManagementLayer Chickens
BroodingMiscellaneousMeat Chickens
CannibalismPest ControlGuineas
Egg EatingPoultry SoundsPeafowl
4-H & Youth ProgramsProcessing Poultry and EggsGambirds
GeneticsShowing PoultryPigeon and Dove
Health and DiseasesTroubleshootingRatites
HousingWaste ManagementTurkey
IncubationSpecific to Commercial ProductionWaterfowl

For those who have not bookmarked this page as a reference, the address is:

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