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New National Sheep Organization

Livestock Update, May 1998

Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Virginia Tech

Delegates at the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) annual meeting held in January voted to adopt and begin implementation of a plan to create a new U.S. sheep organization designed unite and move all segments of the industry forward. Tecker Consultants, a New Jersey firm specializing in strategic planning, developed the framework for the plan following extensive data collection that included producer focus groups and interviews of industry leaders and stakeholders. The recommended new organization is comprised of three key components: a Lamb and Wool Industry Association (LWIA), a Lamb and Wool Foundation (LWF), and a Business Development Council (BDC). The LWIA is an individual member organization (producers, packers, processors) that will focus on 1) industry communications, 2) addressing key industry issues, and 3) governmental affairs. Funding for the LWIA would be from individual member dues. Within the LWIA is the BDC, which will help individual and groups with business development and marketing of lamb and wool. The LWF will raise and distribute funds for research and education. A transition team has recently been appointed to develop a plan for implementation of the new organization.

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