1998 Junior Beef Roundup -- A Big Success

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1998 Junior Beef Roundup -- A Big Success

Livestock Update, June 1998

Mark L. Wahlberg, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

The 1998 Virginia Junior Beef Roundup, which was the 20th Annual, was held at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg. At this event four different breed associations conducted shows for their junior members, and they were joined by young people who exhibited steers, commercial replacement heifers, and other breeds for which a breed association show did not occur. A total of 231 cattle were shown by these 4-H and FFA members during the two-day event.

The Virginia Junior Beef Roundup is a major event for 4-H and FFA members with beef cattle projects. Many donors to this event provide support to the various breed shows, and their contribution is noted with the breed show results. There are also sponsors for the overall event. Those donors are the Virginia Beef Cattle Improvement Association, Farmers & Merchants Bank of Rockingham, Virginia Junior Angus Association, Virginia Junior Simmental Association, Virginia Junior Hereford Association, Virginia Junior Shorthorn Association. In addition, the State Fair of Virginia provided all ribbons and plaques awarded in showmanship and the shows for commercial heifers, other breeds of registered heifers, and the steers.

Showmanship is a very important part of beef cattle exhibition. Katherine Meadows of Buchanan judged the two older groups of showmen. In the senior division Kelly Stowers of Hamilton received Champion honors, and William Walther of Mt. Crawford took home the Reserve Champion trophy. A total of 18 seniors competed. Ms. Meadows also evaluated the 24 showmen in the Intermediate Division. Coming out on top was Cassidy Wieben of Leesburg, and Kristy Mohler of Rockbridge Baths was Reserve Champion.

The two younger groups of showmanship were judged by Matthew Miller of Rural Retreat. The Junior Division included 26 competitors. Champion was Chelsea Wieben of Leesburg, and Michelle Pullen of Charlottesville was named Reserve Champion. Finally, 7 members participated in the Novice Division, which was for first-year beef showmen who are 12 years old or less. First place went to David Powers of Troutville, and Runner-up was Adam Lohr of Rochelle, Virginia.

Frey's Show Supplies of Quarryville, Pa., awarded engraved showsticks to the Champion in each showmanship division. Plaques to both Champion and Reserve Champion were provided by the State Fair of Virginia.

All of the cattle were judged by Matthew Miller. He is a student at Virginia Tech pursuing an advanced degree in Animal Science. He has been very active in livestock judging, having represented Virginia in the National Contests as both a 4-H and later as a College contestant. One of his major responsibilities currently is to coach the Collegiate Judging Team at Virginia Tech.

Thirty-two commercial Replacement heifers were shown, ranging from young calves to coming two-year-olds. The Champion was exhibited by Clayton Wieben of Leesburg, and Reserve Champion was led by J T Begoon of Grottoes. In the Other Breeds of Registered Heifers eight females were exhibited. The Champion was a Red Angus yearling displayed by Jason Weakley of Ruther Glen. The Reserve Champion was John Dillard of Rice with his fall yearling Gelbvieh heifer. Awards for both heifer shows included plaques to champions courtesy of the State Fair of Virginia.

In the Shorthorn division there were 11 cattle shown. Sponsors of awards in the Shorthorn show included Champion Chairs courtesy of Trotwood Farm, Roanland Ridge Farm, Mt. Pony Farm, and class sponsorships donated by Otis Fisher, Dr. Michael and Susan Cromer, Terry Kibler, C.H. Meadows, and I.D. Walker. The Champion heifer was exhibited by Katrina Surgeon of Alderson, W.V., with Reserve going to Seth Deacon of Lexington. In the bull show, champion was an entry from James Meadows of Shady Springs, W.V. The Reserve Champion was led by Justin Showalter of Lexington.

In the Simmental show 28 cattle were shown. Many Simmental breeders sponsored awards, including Deer Creed Farm, Albannaiche Farms, Figgins Simmentals, Richard Whitesell, Reasor Simmentals, Hounshell Farm, Black Ridge Simmental, Double H Cattle Co., Tom & Ruth Clark, Doyle & Doyle Farm, Trio Farms, Locust Point Farm, Mohlers Simmentals, Linden Farm, and West Airslie Farm. The Champion heifer was exhibited by Kristy Mohler of Rockbridge Baths, and Alvin Craig of Amherst led the Reserve Champion. Kristy Mohler also had Champion Bull, with Jaime Landes of Hume at the halter of the Reserve Champion. Jason Figgins of Mt. Crawford had Champion in the Bred-and-Owned Division, with Kristy Mohler taking Reserve Champion honors.

Twenty-four Herefords were shown in that breed's competition. Hereford breeders providing sponsorship included Triple J Farms, Dunwalke Farm, Outlaw Farm, the Hess Family, Miguel & Maria Garces, Harry & Barbara Knabe, Lafayette Farm, Four-D Enterprises, Bill & Ginger Woycik, and Charles & Beulah Brooks. In the heifer show Champion went to Michelle Pullen of Charlottesville with her Bred-and-Owned heifer. Rebecca Funkhouser of Edinburg took Reserve Champion. Bradley Seal of Elkton showed the Reserve Champion Bred-and-Owned heifer. Michelle Pullen showed both Champions in the bull show. In the Hereford steer category Alison Holcomb of Nellysford took Champion and Becky Woycik of Centreville was Reserve Champion.

The Angus show consisted of 78 cattle, and in the heifer show consisted of separate divisions for Owned and for Bred-and-Owned females. Champion from among the 20 Bred-and-Owned heifers was Jason Michael of Mt. Solon, and Darren Eversole of Blacksburg took Reserve Champion. Forty three Owned heifers were shown and Bradley Lutz of Mt. Jackson led out the Champion. Jesse Clark of Edinburg presented the Reserve Champion. Champion Angus steer was shown by Clayton Wieben of Leesburg, with Bradley Lutz of Mt. Jackson exhibiting Reserve Champion. William Walther of Mt. Crawford led the Champion Bred-and-Owned bull while the Reserve Champion was and entry by Darren Eversole of Blacksburg .

In the Steer Show 57 cattle were shown in 6 strong classes. Champion steer was shown by Linda Harris of Roanoke, and Reserve Champion came from Brittany Peyton of Leesburg. These winners received plaques donated by the State Fair of Virginia and embroidered shirts courtesy of Ruby's Sewing, Etc. of Manheim, PA.

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