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Virginia Is for Horse Lovers Fundraising Program

Livestock Update, June 1998

Larry Lawrence, Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

Please, forward this fundraising opportunity from the Virginia Is For Horse Lovers program to 4-H horse club leaders and other horse groups.

I am writing to introduce you to the Virginia Is For Horse Lovers program, a promotional campaign designed to attract visitors to Virginia, build an image as the premier horse state, and attract national and international equestrian events. The multi-faceted marketing plan includes television broadcasts, a fulfillment piece, a web site, direct mail, media promotions, and a full line of exciting premium merchandise.

Help your club raise money by using the Virginia Is For Horse Lovers merchandise. It is available to be used in conjunction with your logo or alone. You might consider ordering the T-shirts for upcoming events, fund-raisers, or your own promotional programs.

The price structure follows:

ItemQuantityWholesale PriceSuggested
Retail Price
1 Logo T-shirt
    Virginia Is For Horse Lovers
0 - 47$ 6.00$12.00
48 - 95$ 5.50$12.00
96 & up$ 5.00$12.00
2 Logo T-shirt
    Virginia Is For Horse Lovers
     Your Logo - 1 color
0 - 47$ 7.00$12.00
48 - 95$ 6.50$12.00
96 & up$ 6.00$12.00

The T-shirts are white Hanes Beefy T, 100% cotton with a 2/color (black and red) Virginia Is For Horse Lovers logo. Additional merchandise and custom orders are available upon request. Please contact Kathryn Sherwood at (540) 258-2580, fax (540) 258-2530, or

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