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1998 Hippology Contest Results

Livestock Update, July 1998

Larry Lawrence, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

Thirty-four 4-H'ers from 10 different counties came to Blacksburg on June 17, 1998, to participate in the Hippology Contest at Club Congress.

Team Placings

1Campbell 622Amanda Jennings, Charlotte Hunter, H.B. Hunter, Angela Hiner
2Fairfax615Sarah Jakulevicins, Adriana Daugherty, Kimberly Fry
3Virginia Beach606Jennie Heath, Amanda Louder, Erin Racicot
4 Hanover583Amy Rollins, Melissa Kelly, Peyton Gouldin, Bobby Carson
5Amherst549David Johnson, Carrie Thomas, Stephanie Baum
6Tazewell "A"545
8Tazewell "B"393

Individual Placings

4-H'er and CountyScore
1Kimberly Fry, Fairfax224
2Erin Racicot, Virginia Beach222
3H. B. Hunter, Campbell215
4Adriana Daugherty, Fairfax211
5Nicolle Mammarella, Stafford209
6Angela Hiner, Campbell208
7David Johnson, Amherst208
8Peyton Gouldin, Hanover206
9Melodie Vander Linde, Albemarle206
10Anne Fisher, Tazewell206

There was a tie for first place between Meghan Thompson of Stafford County and Blair Costin of Hanover.

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