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Eastern Stud Ram Sale

Livestock Update, July 1998

Scott Greiner, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

The 57th Annual Eastern Stud Ram Show and Sale was held June 12-13 in Staunton, Va. This year's sale was dedicated to Dr. Steve Umberger for his service to the Virginia sheep industry during his tenure as Extension sheep specialist. The show was held on Friday with just over 300 sheep exhibited. Wilson's Hampshires of Rural Retreat, Va., exhibited the Champion Hampshire Ram and Champion Hampshire Ewe. ECM Suffolks of Waynesboro, Va., consigned the Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewe and Cassell Horned Dorsets of Wytheville, Va., showed the Champion Horned Dorset Ram as well as Champion and Reserve Champion Horned Dorset Ewes. The sale on Saturday was highly successful, posting a $363 average on 274 head sold. Sale results, including price and number sold for each breed were as follows:

Hampshire$391 (19)$468 (19)
Polled Dorset$358 (36)$335 (59)
Horned Dorset$200 (1)
Suffolk$356 (30)$361 (46)
Southdown$421 (6)$436 (9)
Montadale$150 (1)
Wether Sire/Dam$414 (23)$276 (25)
Total$374 (116)$355 (158)

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