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1998 State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest

Livestock Update, July 1998

Mark Wahlberg, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

4-Hers from 17 different counties came to Blacksburg on June 20 for the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. They judged classes of beef cattle, sheep, and swine, interpreted performance records, answered questions, and gave reasons. A total of 113 contestants competed in this event.

Winners in the Junior Division (members age 9 through 13) are summarized below. There were 58 contestants with 12 teams of 3 or 4 members who represented 13 different counties.
Top Ten Teams by Category
(top 3 members compose team total)
 Top Ten Individuals by Category
(Ties broken by reasons or questions by species)
Beef Cattle Beef Cattle
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Shenandoah A650 1Samuel FunkhouserWythe226
2Pittsylvania B648 2Whitney LindseyPittsylvania224
3Rockingham A623 3Paul BurgessRockingham219
4Montgomery623 4Nicole RossShenandoah219
5Fauquier A606 5Eric VanderhydePittsylvania218
6Augusta A599 6Kymberly HammerRockingham217
7Orange586 7Jimmy CrosbyAugusta216
8Rockingham B584 8Eric EversoleMontgomery214
9Washington383 9Leah WilsonWashington214
10Fauquier B543 10Colleen BuckleyFauquier213
Sheep Sheep
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Rockingham A289 1LeahWilsonWashington 100
2Pittsylvania B286 2Isaac BurgessRockingham A100
3Wythe A283 3Whitney LindseyPittsylvania98
4Montgomery269 4Daniel MullinsWythe98
5Pulaski A267 5David LiskeyRockingham95
6Washington266 6Laura SutphinPulaski95
7Orange265 7Paul ClarkRockingham95
8Fauquier A261 8Tommy BurlesonOrange95
9Shenandoah A260 9Lauren SinkPittsylvania95
10Augusta A247 10Corey ButlerFauquier95
Swine Swine
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Shenandoah A546 1Samuel FunkhouserShenandoah188
2Rockingham A521 2Sara PrattWythe183
3Wythe A518 3Nicole RossShenandoah181
4Fauquier A502 4Hunter WilsonWythe181
5Pittsylvania B487 5Matthew EarmanRockingham180
6Fauquier B450 6John FunkhouserShenandoa177
7Augusta A446 7Amanda LickeyLoudoun175
8Montgomery440 8Dave LiskeyRockingham175
9Orange416 9Hannah WineFauquier173
10Rockingham B414 10Leah WilsonWashington172
Reasons Reasons
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Pittsylvania B120 1Samuel FunkhouserShenandoah45
2Shenandoah A120 2Eric EversoleMontgomery43
3Rockingham A117 3Dave LiskeyRockingham42
4Montgomery116 4Kathryn TaylorAmelia41
5Washington113 5Whitney LindseyPittsylvania40
6Fauquier 112 6Eric VanderhydePittsylvania40
7Augusta A108 7Scott VanderhydePittsylvania40
8Wythe A105 8Jimmy CrosbyAugusta40
9Orange105 9Colleen BuckleyFauquier40
10Rockingham B104 10Lauren SinkPittsylvania40
Total Score Total Score
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Shenandoah A1424 1Samuel FunkhouserShenandoah499
2Pittsylvania B1413 2Whitney LindseyPittsylvania493
3Rockingham A1396 3Leah WilsonWashington486
4Fauquier A1344 4Dave LiskeyRockingham480
5Montgomery1329 5Eric VanderhydePittsylvania480
6Wythe A1313 6Jonathan RileyAugusta467
7Augusta A1272 7Brittany PeytonLoudoun464
8Washington1243 8John FunkhouserShenandoah463
9Rockingham B1239 9Sara PrattWythe463
10Fauquier B1233 10Nicole RossShenandoah462

In the Senior Division 55 Individuals and 11 teams of 3 or 4 members participated. They represented12 different counties. The winners in each category are shown below
Top Ten Teams by Category
(top 3 members compose team total)
 Top Ten Individuals by Category
(Ties broken by reasons or questions by species)
Beef Cattle Beef Cattle
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Rockingham A776 1Becky MahanPittsylvania267
2Pittsylvania A773 2Jessica SinkPittsylvania265
3Augusta B769 3Judy ShotwellPittsylvania264
4Shenandoah A754 4Rebecca BegoonRockingham264
5Pittsylvania B749 5Rebecca FunkhouserShenandoah260
6Amelia A726 6Jennifer KeyserPage260
7Augusta C712 7Brian VessAugusta259
8Montgomery701 8Sarah LiskeyRockingham259
9Orange700 9Rosalea RileyAugusta255
10Augusta A682 10Troy LawsonAugusta255
Sheep Sheep
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Pittsylvania A415 1Becky MahanPittsylvania140
2Rockingham A406 2Darren EversoleMontgomery139
3Augusta A406 3Jennifer KeyserPage138
4Augusta B401 4Adam Mottley Pittsylvania138
5Warren400 5Judy ShotwellPittsylvania137
6Amelia A397 6Jonathan ColemanAugusta137
7Pittsylvania B394 7Christy WaltherRockingham137
8Montgomery389 8Jason ArehartAugusta137
9Augusta C383 9Carrie HeizerAugusta137
10Orange376 1Rebecca BegoonRockingham136
Swine Swine
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Pittsylvania A689 1Darren EversoleMontgomery240
2Rockingham A683 2Judy ShotwellPittsylvania231
3Montgomery676 3Jessica AuvilleRockingham231
4Amelia A665 4Matt HickeyAugusta230
5Augusta B663 5Matt SwitzerRockingham230
6Pittsylvania B656 6Adam Mottley Pittsylvania229
7Augusta A654 7Rebecca BegoonRockingham229
8Augusta C642 8James VanderhydePittsylvania229
9Shenandoah A629 9Jennifer KeyserPage228
10Orange616 10James HankinsPittsylvania228
Reasons Reasons
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Pittsylvania A485 1Judy ShotwellPittsylvania170
2Rockingham A475 2Becky MahanPittsylvania166
3Augusta B469 3Matt HickeyAugusta163
4Augusta C449 4Darren EversoleMontgomery161
5Montgomery442 5Rebecca BegoonRockingham161
6Shenandoah A435 6Jennifer KeyserPage160
7Amelia A430 7Christy WaltherRockingham158
8Pittsylvania B426 8Matt SwitzerRockingham156
9Augusta A414 9Rosalea RileyAugusta154
10Warren389 10Jessica SinkPittsylvania154
Total Score Total Score
RankTeamScore RankContestantCountyScore
1Pittsylvania A1867 1Judy ShotwellPittsylvania632
2Rockingham A1851 2Becky MahanPittsylvania632
3Augusta B1814 3Darren EversoleMontgomery629
4Pittsylvania B1799 4Rebecca BegoonRockingham629
5Montgomery1766 5Jennifer KeyserPage626
6Amelia A1757 6Matt HickeyAugusta614
7Shenandoah A1746 7Christy WaltherRockingham611
8Augusta C1737 8Jessica SinkPittsylvania611
9Augusta A1728 9Sarah LiskeyRockingham611
10Orange1692 10Rosalea RileyAugusta610

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