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Virginia State 4-H Horse Judging Contest Results
June 23, 1998
Hollins College - Hollins, Virginia

Livestock Update, August 1998

Larry A. Lawrence, Animal and Poultry Science, Virginia Tech

Name and CountyScore    County Score
1.Jason Haynes, Lee 533Lee1566
2.Kristen Gryech, Fauquier 530Fauquier1526
3.Kelly Pitts, Hanover B 523Hanover B1518
4.Jessica Artrip, Lee 523Clarke1465
5.Carolyn Rice, Fauquier 516Albemarle1436
6.Cameron Nuckols, Goochland 515
7.Nicole Long, Clarke 515
8.Emily Stowe, Clarke 512
9.Rebecca Vanderhoff, Hanover B 512
10.Libby Haynes, Lee 510

Winning Senior Team Members:
Gacqui Laws, Jessica Artrip, Libby Haynes, and Jason Haynes

Name and CountyScore    County Score
1.Gwynn Dent, Albemarle 355Albemarle B1040
2.Kate Sammons, Roanoke 353Albemarle A 999
3.Allison Francis, Hanover B 351Dinwiddie 998
4.Aly Sanderford, Albemarle 351Hanover 994
5.Erin Gibson, Dinwiddie 350Madison 988
6.Charlotte Lawson, Albemarle 350
7.Erin Murray, Fauquier 343
8.Rachel Bandy, Botetourt 342
9.Christina Musick, Botetourt 338
10.Cliff Williamson, Madison A 337

Winning Junior Team Members:
Aly Sanderford, Brooke Pettit, Gwynn Dent and Jessie Campbell

Winning Presentations for Horse Category:
Meghan Thompson, Stafford County and Blair Costin, Hanover County

Total of 93 contestants - 15 Junior Teams - 16 Senior Teams

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